Holden Commodore Radiators – Preventative Maintenance Tips

Much like a PC or a motorcycle, your Commodore has a cooling system that keeps everything running at the optimal temperature. Components oftentimes get hot and since combustion is at the core of an engine the need for a radiator is inevitable. Of course, your vehicle comes with it but it is always a great measure to keep it in shape even if you happen to get an aftermarket one. To prolong its life span and make it run at its best consider the following tips.

holden commodore radiators

Keep it Full

The first and most basic step to have your radiator working properly is to always keep it full with coolant. When you are filling it up, make sure the level is clearly visible and near the cap. Filling Holden Commodore radiators or any of that matter will require a 50/50 mixture of the coolant (antifreeze) and water. After you’ve filled it up, check for small leaks underneath the vehicle, as sometimes they can go unnoticed for a while and if they are present make sure you immediately visit the nearest mechanic.

Flush Regularly

Flushing is important even when it comes to your vehicle’s radiator in order to drain and refill the cooling system completely. Keeping everything clean will require the radiator to be flushed every 2 years or 48,000km – no matter which number comes first. If you happen to use long life antifreeze flushing should be done every 5 years or 80,000km – again whichever comes first. Other clues that will require the radiator to be flushed are whenever the antifreeze has a cloudy look to it and when the vehicle is hotter than usual.

Correct Mixture

People often put only water into the cooling system after overheating, which is a good idea but it should only be done in that specific situation and no other time. Again the 50/50 mix is what you need to aim for in Holden Commodore radiators and if your engine overheats at which point using water is an inevitable part, you’ll need to visit the mechanic soon after. Using water as a coolant is not wise as in cold temperatures your engine will go kaput.

Hose, Fan Belt & Other Symptoms

Leakage can be caused by any distortion, slacks or cracks on the radiator hose, hence why you need to take a good look at it from time to time. The tension of the fan belt should be checked regularly in order to prevent it from melting and making for irregular turn cycles which can lead to overheating. A strong smell of antifreeze, peculiar noises and the car operating hotter than normal are all clear signs that you need to service your car.