How to Fix a Flooded Atomizer

The atomizer is the part of the electronic cigarette that heats the liquid. It is a key part that is directly associated with the taste and vapor that the e cigarette produces. For this reason, whenever an issue with the work of the e cigarette occurs, the potential cause of the problem is often sought in the atomizer. Flooded atomizer is one of the most common issues that interfere with the proper functioning of the e-cigar. It is an issue that can be caused by improper e-liquid refill, defects with the coil (the container which contains the e-liquid), or improper airflow passing through the tank. Signs indicating that the atomizer may be flooded, include gurgling sound and higher amount of moisture in the vapor you inhale.

However, if you notice such signs, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should throw your old and buy a new atomizer. Before you determine whether you should buy a new atomizer, what you need to do is to examine the atomizer fixing options. In addition, here’s a simple three-step guide on how you can fix your flooded atomizer and ensure the best taste and vapor quality that are essential for quality and enjoyable vaping experience. If you can’t succeed in fixing it, then you should probably consider the option in buying new atomizer.


Step One: Disassemble the E Cigarette to Take Out the Atomizer

Once you remove the atomizer, rinse it with clean, lukewarm water;

Step Two: Clean the Atomizer from Remaining Liquids

With the use of the e cigar, liquid stains get accumulated on the surface of the atomizer. Moreover, if you often change the flavour of the e-liquid, chances are at some point you will experience a feeling of mixed flavours in your mouth. For this reason, you shouldn’t neglect the importance of cleaning that atomizer and the coil from remaining liquids and liquids stains. This is the reason why this step is the most important one in fixing flooded atomizer, and the step on whose outcome your decision about whether you need to buy a new atomizer or not depends.

Useful tip: Once you rinse the coil with water, place it on a clean and dry paper tissue or towel and let it dry completely before you re-assemble the e cigarette again.

Step Three: Reassemble the E Cigarette and Fill the Tank with E Liquid

After you clean the atomizer and the tank and after all the parts are dried completely, the next and final step is to reassemble you e cigar. If the next time you “light” you e cig you notice improvement in the quality of the taste and the vapor it probably means that you don’t have to buy new atomizer, otherwise consider replacing it.