How UV Rays Can Harm Your Outdoor Furniture

You finally got to that Australian outdoor furniture shop you’ve been window shopping from for the past few months, and you got the patio set you so wanted. You’re so in love with it, you simply can’t wait to start using it! And while summer is on its slow way to your garden, the Sun is still shining and possibly causing damage not only to your skin but to everything it gets its rays on. How do you ask? Ultraviolet rays are what causes problems in both human skin and outer layer of objects. But, just as there is sunscreen for people, there is a way to protect your outdoor furniture from UV rays:

  • Seasonal storage:

You surely didn’t get your patio set to place it out in the cold winter and enjoy sitting in the snow. That’s not enjoyable nor smart (you’ll catch a terrible cold you won’t be able to get rid of in weeks!). So, instead of just letting your dream set from that original Australian outdoor furniture shop sit and be exposed to the mercy of the sun’s UV rays, place it in your garage. Or the basement. Just keep it somewhere away from the sun, if you want it to have its original colours when summer comes, and that actually matters.

  • Patio umbrella:

Patio umbrella

In spring and autumn, when it’s not that cold and it’s still bearable to sit outside, you should get a patio umbrella. One big enough so that it covers the entire set and keeps the sun out of it. Even if not summer, the sun’s rays are just as strong.

  • Cover it!

Cover it

And if you don’t have enough space in your garage or basement, or you simply don’t have that kind of space, use cover sheets. Cover your table and chairs and sofas with white sheets to protect them from the sun. This is convenient not just for protection from the sun, but from dust and rains too, especially if you use thick plastic sheets that prevent rain from penetrating through them. Why let it wet itself when it can actually be good as new?

All in all, the damage from weather changes can vary: UV rays can change the colour and create shades on your furniture, rain can make wood rot, and cause cracks. It definitely is worth it to find a way for covering the furniture, so you don’t have to look for another good Australian outdoor furniture shops.