Indian Inspired Decor Ideas: How to Add Exotic Flair to Your Home

The Indian style interior design is considered by décor experts as one of the most interesting, exotic and complex styles to work with. Due to the differences in the history, art, and culture across the country, Indian décor style has many variants. Here are some ideas on how to capture the essence of this fascinating décor style.

Vivid Colours are a Must

Varied and bright colors are the key elements of Indian design. But you must be careful because going too much crazy with such a vast palette can lead a visual chaos. Play safe by opting for earthy tones such as rich browns, ochre yellows and burnt oranges for your walls and floors. Pink and yellow colors can be used on the fluorescent side of the spectrum while greens and blues should be kept for smaller elements such as chairs, pillows, etc.

Indian Homeware

From rugs to trays, vases, pillows, lanterns, picture frames and more, nowadays it is easy to find a wide range of Indian homeware in the market, which is a must to achieve an Indian inspired interior design. And since India has a large and exciting variety of handicrafts, you will come across a ton of decorative elements to adorn your home. Popular Indian homeware includes brass lanterns and trays that can be used as functional metallic accents.

Solid Wood Furniture

When it comes to decorating your home, one of the most important things is to use the high-quality material.

In this case, we’re talking about solid wood furniture. This is also another important element in Indian interior design. For an authentic look, choose Indian craftsmanship furniture or traditional pieces with curved legs and armrests, carvings and inlay work in ivory or metal.

Beautiful Fabrics

Be creative and use fabrics all over your home. For example, as flowing drapes for windows, over a divan, as a quaint canopy above a bed – all these ways will help you create a homey, fluid feel to your space. Don’t be scared to improvise and try new things. It is definitely worth it.

Paintings and Statues

India is well known for its wonderful variety of artistic styles. For additional authenticity, trying something extra won’t hurt. You can use a wall covering, maybe a number of smaller pieces to create a gallery wall or a large painting as a centerpiece.

Indian home design also includes the use of statues, being the religious idols of Ganesha and Buddha pieces the most common ones.

Informal Spaces

Indian home design focus on informal, versatile spaces that provide relaxed interaction. Create different seating areas around your home using sofas, high chairs, footstools, and divans. To add warmth and comfort to space, use rugs and floor cushions. Complete the look with traditional Indian pieces such as a jhoola, which will bring fun and decadent vibe to space.