Elements You Need to Translate Indian Interior Design into Your Home

India is a blend of diverse cultures that is well know for its rich heritage and history. It’s the home of the most dazzling architectural creation of all times- the Taj Mahal. The architecture and interior design both reflect the elegance and unique charm of the country. Exotic, colorful and dramatic, Indian interior design might seem a bit complex at first glance, but it’s actually very easy to incorporate it into any home setting. What makes this interior design so distinctive its the wonderful blend of carefully crafted elements design to infuse the living space with warmth, comfort and function. Don’t be afraid to mix bold colours and match two or more seemingly different pieces of furniture or décor since India interior design is supposed to be the true reflection of the country its originates from- utterly enchanting and uniquely diverse. Let’s take a look at some of the essential elements you need to translate the essence of Indian interiors into your home.

Indian Chest Of Drawers

Lively bold colours

If there is one feature that defines Indian interior design that would certainly have to be the use of bright colours that add drama to the space. When choosing the colour pallet for your design scheme it’s important to stick to just a few hues since too much colour can ruin the visual appeal of your home. Rich earthy tones, such as yellow, orange and brown can be a great choice for the walls and floors. Vibrant colours like blue, green and pink are commonly used for smaller features like cushions, chairs and decorations.

Decorative chest of drawers

Wonderful Indian interiors need to have a dazzling centrepiece and that is usually a decorative Indian chest of drawers, that is deigned to deliver the perfect combination of style and functionality. Due to their distinctive yet practical deign you can use Indian decorative cabinets to add a focal point in any room. The Indian chest of drawers can serve as an elegant area for displaying chic décor pieces in the living room, or it can provide extra storage space in the bedroom, all while enhancing the design of the room. These decorative cabinets are usually brightly painted in blue, green or yellow and can be adorned with hardware pieces in stone, metal or ivory.

Unique patterns

Colourful patterns and complex motifs are essential elements of Indian interiors and can often be seen on such features as walls, furniture and flooring. Many motifs carry important cultural or religious meaning, while others are purely decorative. Nature inspired patterns are also prominent in Indian interior design with furniture, floors and walls adorned with birds, flowers and animals.

Large paintings and statues

In Indian interior design, elements such as large paintings and statures are often used to give a finishing touch to the interior. They serve as prominent décor pieces that reflect the culture and exotic nature of India. The most common pieces are those of religious figures like Buddha or Ganesha, but statures of camels, turtles and elephants are also very popular. Large painting depicting dazzling landscapes or important religious idols are often used to create a nice focal point and add artistic flare to the space.