Iron Solomon VS Charlie Clips: KOTD WD6 [REVIEW]

King Of The Dot: World Domination 6 is my first-ever review of a battle rap event and I’m pretty excited about the Iron Solomon VS Charlie Clips match. I hope it’ll become a regular thing for me since I cannot watch the battles in person. Anyways, it’s all about one of the greatest battle rap events that ever happened: KOTD: World Domination 6. The card looks amazing. I never thought that I will see many of my favorites battle each other, especially Iron Solomon VS Charlie Clips and Pat Stay VS Serius Jones. So without further ado, here’s my Iron Solomon VS Charlie Clips review.

Iron Solomon VS Charlie Clips

These two are my all time favorite battle rappers and it was a question of time when the battle is going to be. So, here it is.

EDIT: The battle is finally out and you can watch it here:

Round 1: Iron Solomon

To be honest, I didn’t like the first round, it wasn’t exciting at all and nothing significant was said. No punchline landed, because none of the punchlines were worth it, except the Iron Solomon’s “talent” scheme. Overall, the first round was a disappointment. However, “Hard work beats talent when talent isn’t working hard” was a great line and that concludes my 1:0 for Iron.

Round 2: Iron Solomon

Iron Solomon’s “fat on fat crime” scheme was hilarious. It showed some positivity around the stage and that’s how they should’ve started the battle.

Remember Dirtbag Dan’s “bird” round? Well, this was Charlie Clips’s “testicle” round. So shameful. Everyone knew that scheme is going to happen, but now for a whole round! Plus, the “freestyle” at the end was a total disaster after Iron gave him a pound.

Round 3: Charlie Clips

Iron Solomon’s “nuts” rebuttal was crazy! When he said “That’s a difference there between a vet and a rookie, cause it doesn’t take any nuts to step up to a p#ssy” the crowd got turned up! The “two rounds with no point like Barbie’s ti#s” was also a winning bar.

But, Charlie came back with a great round! No rebuttals were needed. I think the winning bar was “so what you acting Fantastic Four, knowing deep down I got you full of steam, cause Professor Charles know how to body Iron on the inside like Wolverine.”


I’m pretty disappointed from the battle. I expected a lot more from my two all time favorite battle rappers. I don’t think there should be a rematch because the actual battle was a no-classic and I was hoping for one. I mean, we deserve better and they know better! It was good seeing them battle each other, though.