Learn The Kings Rules and Wild Out For The Night

It’s finally your turn to choose the game for the upcoming gathering with your friends, and you don’t have the tiniest idea on how to make this night amusing and worth remembering. Don’t be discouraged, since I have the perfect game idea for a truly ‘memorable’ night – the King’s Cup! I’m sure you’ve played some  party drinking games at some point during your adolescent years, but believe me when I say – nothing is the same! You’re now legally allowed to get drunk and learn a thing or two about your friends, they’ve never dared to share before! With the right (party) people and lots of booze, you can become utterly creative and even change the Kings rules in your favor.

kings rules

A table, some chairs (equal to the number of players), cups and a deck of cards are everything you’ll need. Oh, and let’s not forget about alcohol, lots and lots of it. If you don’t have a deck of card, check out some of the best drinking games without cards and if you have only one companion, check out the most interesting drinking games for two people.

This game is pretty similar to the one known as Circle Of Death. No back to the Kings rules. Let your friends sit around the table and give (each of) them a cup filled with liquor of their choosing. Put the largest glass, called the King’s Cup in the middle of the table and distribute the cards, face down, to form a circle around it. Once you agree on the special rules (if any) and go through the cheat sheet together, your game night can begin.

If you happen to be more creative when game night is in question, you can change some of the Kings rules to suit the preferences of the group of players. For example, the cheat sheet states the ‘punishments’ for the actions that every card ‘provides’. Although they are all connected to drinking heavily, you can still personalize the punishments by adding an amount of time in which the drinking should occur. At this point, bending the game rules may become your thing. So let me give you a few ideas on how to edit the rules and enjoy the game even more.

You can change the general rules or think of new ones about some of the cards, in accordance with the characteristics of the group. If most of the players are female, instead of everybody touching the floor when someone draws ‘four’, you may ask all of the ladies to chug their drinks. Or change the rules of the important ‘ace’ – instead of everybody drinking, the player that picks the ‘ace’ can drink-race with another player, or even better – everyone could slap their faces. The last player to do so – drinks. You can also change the rules when a player picks, let’s say, ‘seven’, and instead of playing “Never have I ever” when everyone is already too drunk to function, you can simply implement a rule that forbids the player that chose the ‘seven’ to make eye-contact with the other players. If he can’t avoid it – bottoms up!

Last but not least, you can put a giant can of beer as a King’s cup in the middle of the play-table, instead of placing a big glass. As the game develops, put the used cards under the tab of the unopened can. The cards will eventually build up, and the can will soon crack open. The player that opens the can must drink the entire can and at the same time he ends the game.