Lego Bricks: Design, Trivia And The Future

When your kid tells you to buy Lego bricks he knows what he is asking for. Lego bricks have always been a favourite for both children and adults when it comes to developing construction and building skills.

Besides being a source of entertainment, Lego bricks are inspirational toys that awake the creative genius within you. The fact that they teach children a lot of useful stuff, make them even more interesting. Lego bricks are manufactured since 1932 and since then a lot of things about the most famous play toys ever have changed. So, here are a few things you always wondered about, explained:

There are no blonde figurines in Lego regular sets

When you buy Lego bricks regular set, you’ll notice that there are no blonde mini-figs included. That’s because the designers think that a yellow head will look very bad on the figurines. However, in the licensed lines, like Star Wars and Harry Potter, there are blonde mini-figs.

There are no black mini-figs in Lego regular sets

The first mini-fig in Lego sets was given a sort of yellow skin tone to reflect children’s imagination. In 2002, when the decision to introduce ethnic and skin tones to reflect more the actual personalities, the black mini-figure was introduced as well. Ever since, it’s mainly present in licensed sets, as for the regular sets, Lego uses the generic yellow skin tone.

There is a hole in the head of mini-figures

That hole has a purpose; just in case a child swallows the mini-figure, the hole allows it to breathe easily.

Adult fans are taken into consideration when designing Lego sets

Adult fans can buy Lego bricks, as there are sets designed for them as well. When creating Lego sets, creators take into consideration both children and adult fans. Although the primary audience is children, there are sets that appeal strongly to adults as well. For instance, Mindstorm NXT is an example of a Lego set that primarily includes features that are compelling for a child, but also for adults too.

There are no gun elements in Lego sets

Due to the strong policy that refers to military scenes, when you buy Lego bricks you won’t find gun elements in the set made by Lego. However, in order to keep it real, Brickarms create those pieces that are clearly a fantasy world and serve to provide role play opportunities.

LEDs are part of Lego’s future

Currently, the brand doesn’t use LED technology, but as announced, that idea is part of the company’s future.

Lego Roller Coaster?

A lot of fans desire to see a roller coaster in their set when they buy Lego bricks. There are the Lego Ferris Wheels and a roller coaster may become part of that vision. It’s all about how will that idea incorporate in the existing assortment.