LEGO’s Best Toys For 3 Year Olds (Boys and Girls)

The third year of your child’s life is defined as a turbulent period. It is a time period during which most of child’s motor, verbal and cognitive skills develop. Kids from this age group begin to develop their ability to think, show specific interests and improve their body control significantly. At the peak of their imagination, 3-year-olds are turning into real small explorers. Guided by their desire to learn more about the environment in their surrounding, most of them simply ask questions about everything all day long.

The game is considered to be one of the main factors that contributes for the overall development of your little ones. Three-year-olds love to pretend games, role games, build craft projects and more. Since in this period their attention span and creative abilities develop, there are toys categories recommended from psychologists as the best toys for 3 year old boys and girls.

The best toys for 3 year olds are the toys that help them expand their views and learn more for the world by playing roles. Also, an important role in the motor and cognitive development of kids have the toys for building or the well-known Lego Brick Sets. What makes Lego’s some of the best educational toys for 3 year olds is the fact that by playing with them, and building new projects, these toys help kids learn by expressing their creativity. A Lego set of colourful bricks is a must-have toy for every kid including the three-year-old ones.

Some of the LEGO’s best toys for 3 year olds you can choose from for your little ones include:


10593 Fire Station Toys For 3 Year Olds

Give your little ones the possibility to dive into the exciting fireman’s world as they master their building skills. The Fire Station Lego set has everything needed for actions on fire! From bricks to build the station, vehicles (truck and car) to firefighter figures. Teach your kids about the role of the fireman by playing roles and for the importance a fire station has for the safety in the place you live.

10599 Batman Adventure

10599 Batman Adventure
Get into rescuing mission with your kids with the Batman Adventure Lego set. Your task is to save the fallen cat from drowning. You have all the brave heroes to help you in your mission. Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman are here to rescue the little cat from falling in the water! Also, here’s the heavy bridge, that you will have to lift so that Superman will be able to reach the place to which the hat has fallen. But first, you will have to build the bridge.

10601 LEGO Duplo Truck

10601 Lego Truck

Help the little driver transports all the items with his LEGO Duplo truck. Fill the truck trailer with the bricks to be transported through the opening doors. After that help the little truck driver to climb into the truck’s cabin and set on the road to carry the brick to the desired destination. All that can be said about this Lego set is that great fun and exciting building moments are guaranteed!

10602 Camping Adventure

10602 Camping Adventure

The Camping Adventure Lego set wouldn’t be one of the best outside toys for 3 year olds, if it wouldn’t provide great excitement. The excitement comes in two parts, first in building the caravan and second in hitching the characters together in it. We all love to enjoy great vacation moments so do the mother, father and their child from this Lego set. Gather them together at lunch, with the barbecue they’ve prepared, and after that lay them down in the camping caravan.

10686 Family House

10686 Family House

Enjoy moments of creating family moments of your dreams, with the Family House Lego Juniors set. Together with your child, put the three figures (the mother, father, child and the dog) into action. This set is one of the best toys for your 3 year olds, that will teach them for the importance of the harmonious family life. This set comes with all the features you need to build a perfect family atmosphere.