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Streetwear: The Story of Comfort and Style’s Lovechild

It all began in the 1970s, when the surf and skateboarding subcultures started peeking through the curves and edges of the streets of California. This was the birth of a new, unique style that marries easy and comfortable dressing with authentic expression. If you are wondering whether there’s a name attached to this story, yes there is – Shawn Stussy, a designer who started paving the way just by selling handmade t-shirts out of his car boot. You may also hear people refer to him as the godfather of streetwear. It didn’t take streetwear too long to show up…

The Coolest Pieces of Jewellery for Men

Things have changed a lot in this world so seeing a man wearing a jewellery is not strange at all. We leave in a world where the fashion industry takes a great part of our living and the men’s jewellery industry became quite big. Most of the men today are scratching on the lasted trends in fashion and try to wear them successfully. As women wear a jewellery to improve and complement their outfit, men also want to accessories and add an additional element to their outfits, with one main difference: they do this in a much more minimal and…
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Essential Accessories to Hit the Streets with

Without any doubt, one of the most popular brands so far is the streetwear one. Bold designs and bright colours are the trademarks for this type of style which originates from the early ’80s in California. But the truth is that the street style we used to see a couple of years ago is no longer the same as the one we see today. What once was labeled as baggy and trashy, now has turned into more polished meaning that you can wear streetwear clothing and still look smart. Except for the extraordinary clothing pieces, the thing that makes…

Must-Have Clothing Pieces That Scream Urban

Being urban means being modern and in pace with the current fashion street trends. It is not only a look but a whole lifestyle. From the way you dress, the way you accessorize, the way you behave to the places you hang out with your friends, urban is a synonym of being current right now, on the streets of your big city. In order to help you choose appropriate urban clothing pieces, here are the most common garments that carry the street style with them you can find in a streetwear shop. You just have to keep in mind…

The Place of Watches in Streetwear

Urban fashion is what captures the hearts of young boys and girls who are ready to take over the streets in style. The urban streetwear clothing is what is IN, modern and chic. It is born in the streets, inspired by the famous hip-hop and rap stars and is a symbol of a lifestyle in the urban areas of the big cities. Urban clothing is complemented by the carefully chosen accessories that add the finishing touch to the whole look. Thus, among the necklaces, bracelets, rings, piercings, belts, suspenders, and many more, one accessory takes the throne as the most…

Chinos: Urban Men’s Wear with a Classical Touch

When it comes to picking the most versatile type of pants for men that scream urban style, undoubtedly, it is the chinos. They are fashionable, comfortable and simply put, a must-have for every man. They are the best choice for creating a casual style as well as smart ensembles which makes them a fantastic addition to a man’s wardrobe.
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After 9 to 5 – The DJ | Short Film

The “After 9 to 5” series tells the story of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. This episode showcases the art of DJing up close, providing you with an experience from the other side of the turntables. We all need to unplug. What’s your escape plan? The DJ: Marko Simovski The Beatmaker: Dejan “Skitara” Janushev The Cameraman: Vladislav Gavrilovski
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Best Methods for Cleaning Streetwear Hats

One of the most popular and handy accessories that have always been a part of streetwear are hats. In fact, they are the most important accessory in streetwear as they allow you to make your style even more personal. Depending on your outfit you can choose streetwear hats in the colour, texture and style that will best meet your outfit. No matter on how fancy your clothes or shoes are, streetwear hats are remaining one of the most noticeable accessories in your daily outfit.

No Sneakers are the Jack of All Trades – Which…

When it comes to sneakers, many choose the wrong model for the exercise they actually do. However, unlike choosing urban sneakers so you can look cool, choosing the right sneakers shoes for the type of exercise you do is much more important because it can help improve performance and reduce injury as well. Whether you are looking for sneakers shoes for walking, jogging or training, below you will find helpful information on which shoes fit best which kind of exercise. Running Shoes When shopping for running sneakers shoes online Australia retailers are worth to visit as they usually offer…
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Urban Sneakers Are for More Than Just the Gym

Sneakers originated from work-shoes and are most popularly used by athletes as sports shoes. But in the last few years, sneakers have become a popular option for streetwear and a must have for urban street appeal. Urban sneakers have morphed into a fashion-sport shoe, that can be both practical and stylish. But with such a complex ‘morphing’ it is essential to know what to look for, to receive all the benefits from such a wonders shoe.