Indoor Shoes: The Reasons to Wear Slippers

It’s a given we need to find the right protection for our feet when it comes to footwear for the outdoors yet many of us fail to consider the importance of indoor footwear. Think about it, as much as you like the idea of walking barefoot not only is it not advisable especially in the colder days of the year when cold feet easily lead to colds (yes, grannies are right!), it’s also not that great of an option in terms of discomfort too.

Fred Perry Clothing – Brand Origins and Style Tips

When it comes to modern brands, it’s impossible to overlook the style and sophistication of Fred Perry fashion. Fred Perry is a historic brand named after a tennis player, several times winner of Wimbledon, who decided to create a line of sportswear. He was the first tennis player to win a ‘career grand slam’ at age 26 in 1935 when he won all four major singles titles. In the ’60s, this fashion company became one of the best brands of clothing for tennis and soon after that, it was known as a symbol of elegance and style for a…
carhartt shirts

Popular Workwear Styles That Have Become Streetstyle Staples

Over the years, the most common high-fashion brands that gained popularity in creating streetwear clothes as well were Gucci and Louis Vuitton. However, these days more and more youngsters are relying on the durability and eye-catching streetwear models of workwear brands like Carhart and Dickies. They are practical, comfortable and durable which is the win-win combo, something that today’s young gals and pals love. That being said, let’s see which are the most sought-after workwear/streetwear brands among Aussies over the past few years.

Some of the Most Sought-After Urban Style Brands

There is no denying that urban and streetwear styles are the most popular among today’s youngsters. The loose pants, oversized t-shirts, sneakers and the overall baggy clothes are one of the most favourite types of clothing pieces which is why we have decided to make a list of the most popular urban style brands.

The Secret to a Happy Day – Our Tips for…

Having shoes that feel tight on your feet and obstruct your walking, won’t only make things painful but it can be very dangerous for your health. Blisters and foot arching are common problems here, but more serious ones are gait-related issues. With comfortable shoes not only will you be able to walk freely, but you will make sure your stance is levelled correctly. Of course, this is not as easy as it sounds and for some men, it’s very difficult to get the right shoes because of how sensitive their feet are. This is a problem that a lot…

NN07 Clothing: the Story & Idea Behind It

With a spontaneous idea becoming the follow up of a regular night out with a friend, no brand is destined to succeed no matter the odds. But the spark that made NN07 what is today was exactly that. The same taste in fashion and the quest to break up the monotone fashion and bring something simple yet refreshing onto the scene were the two most important goals that led to the creation of this brands’ success. Here are the idea and story behind Denmark’s well-established clothing brand, NN07.

A Basic Guide to Men’s Streetwear

Streetwear fashion has exploded over the past several years, and has attracted an audience from all walks of life – from lower-middle-class kids to super-rich adults like Kanye, Travis Scott, most athletes and models. And let me tell you, if Kanye wears it, you can rest assured it’s going to become a trend. What makes streetwear different from every other fashion trend out there is that it’s a result of many different subcultures blending in together, making it accepted by virtually everyone. If you’re looking to get some streetwear mens clothing pieces, you’ll come across many different brands. Some…

Comfort, Style, Elegance, Freedom – Types of Shoes Every Woman…

One of the common mistake women do is to invest in as many shoes as possible. We can bet that there is at least three pairs of shoes in your closet that you even don’t remember because you have bought it only for the discount or simply because you liked the colour. Although sometimes it is inevitable to have a pair of uncomfortable shoes but ones that look super awesome for those special evening night-outs, investing in comfortable and stylish shoes is the best thing you can do. In the light of that, let’s see what are the type…

3 Essential Men’s Boots and How to Wear Them

Combining boots and a suit isn’t all that hard – put on a suit, add the boots – but it does require some finesse to get down to a T. Figuring out which boots look best with which suits does take some careful consideration in order to avoid making mistakes like putting on a pair of hulking technical boots under your double-breasted, soft-shouldered suit. That being said, here are the three essential silhouettes everyone should include in their wardrobe, and what you need to know about wearing them with your best suit.

The Different Types of Street Shoes That Every Woman Should…

We all want to travel and explore the world as more as possible. However, before taking the plane and fly away, consider about have you packed all the right shoes for your trip? Going to a new place means you will spend most of your time walking around so you want to feel as comfortable as possible but sill you do not want to compromise with style. Fortunately, there are so many women’s street shoes that are both, comfortable and fashionable. In this article, we will list a few of them. However, this does not mean you need to…