Long Span Shelving: Durable Storage Solution For Limited Floor Space

Sometimes all you need to do is glance over your home, office or warehouse and instantly feel the poke of that long subdued panic button that gets released whenever you need to find something quickly, without making a mess and damaging something else in the process.

Longspan shelving, provides strong, functional and low-cost storage solution for your store room at home, office or warehouse. It’s especially convenient for those businesses that lack the room and cannot transform the place into a high level pallet racking system. Long span racking is not meant to be utilized with fork lift trucks.

These shelves support loads of maximum 1000kg per 2.7metre shelf span. Therefore this method is the perfect storage racking solution, even when it comes to very heavy items.

Other aspects and benefits of longspan shelving:

  • Long span racking provides uninterrupted access for large item.
  • Long span shelving offers total flexibility with the adjustment high 50mm height and wide range of chipboard shelves and steel decking panels.
  • Long span racking can also be utilized to create raised-aisle, two-tier shelving for additional capacity for storage.
  • Fast installation and bolt free system
  • Greatest longevity when compared to other methods
  • Portability – enables safe rebuilding
  • Adding or removing components option made available
  • Shelving options for all applications include: chipboard, laminate, wire mesh and garment hanging

Longspan shelving (with chipboard decks) comes in many different sizes and colors. If you’re looking for a safe and inexpensive way to create additional storage or you are yet to start exploring such options, this type of shelving will come in handy. Look for shelves that can be easily assembled and an offer that includes durable powder coat.

Implementing longspan shelving will cost you some initial investment that might turn into a tool that will surely lower your future expenses and boost the functionality of your space.

Different heights, widths and depths of shelving are available on the market in order to suit the needs of as many people as possible. You can find many options online for great prices. Remember that organization leads to more productivity and productivity leads to more profit. Regardless the type of your storage requirements, longspan shelving is going to make it easier for you before you know it. We all need a little bit more organization in our lives and since flexible solutions are very much available, we should take advantage of them and create more time and room for other types of development and upgrading.