The Main Features and Benefits of Different Types of Flooring

The flooring is one of the most important elements of the interior and can have a major influence on the look and feel of any room in the house. Therefore, it’s essential to invest in something that would add value and function to your home and infuse the space with a touch of elegance and style. Once installed the flooring usually becomes a permanent element of the interiors, so you would want one that would last and look great for years to come. These days the options when it comes to styles, finishes and installation of flooring are more varied than ever before, so choosing the perfect one that meets your needs can be difficult.

However, there a few steps that can make things a whole lot easier. First, consider the size and design of every room. Determine what would best complement your interior design. For instance, darker floors made from natural materials would match perfectly with a more traditional design, while modern interiors would look even more sophisticated with a laminate flooring or tile in a classic colour combination such as black and white. Once you’ve made a list of all the features you would want your flooring to have, it time to find a reputable flooring supplier and start your search for the best surface for your home.

Hardwood Flooring


Due to its natural finish and durability hardwood flooring is a popular choice among homeowners. It has a timeless visual appeal that would complement any interior design. At a renowned flooring supplier, you can find hardwood strips and planks made for a variety of species including oak, maple, cherry, walnut, birch, pine and much more. It’s important to mention though that some light coloured wood species such as beech, white oak and cherry might darken with time, especially when exposed to direct sunlight. So take this into consideration when deciding which species would work best for your home. Overall hardwood provides a long-lasting and highly resistant surface and can be refinished if necessary.

Laminate Flooring


As one of the least expensive flooring options laminate is the ideal choice when you’re on a budget. It can be designed to mimic the pattern and colour of other types of flooring such as hardwood, stone, ceramic tile, etc. Laminate is available in planks and tiles, features a top wear layer for enhanced durability and requires very little maintenance. It provides a strong surface that won’t scratch and chip easily, making it the ideal choice for high-traffic areas such as the kitchen, hallway and living room. Moreover, the laminate is very easy to install and you can even install it over your existing flooring or subfloor.

Vinyl Flooring


Coming in a vast selection of colours and patterns vinyl floors can go well with petty much any interior design. Affordable, very durable and easy to clean this type of flooring can meet the demands of any household. Due to its soft underfoot it provides a comfortable surface that consists of layers of felt and foam. Vinyl also includes a wear layer that makes the surface highly resistant to stains, spills and scratches.

Linoleum Flooring


Linoleum is a great choice if you are looking for an eco-friendly and durable flooring. It is available in sheet goods, planks and tiles. Linoleum floors are made from top quality, biodegradable materials such as cork and linseed oil. They come with a ware layer that provides protection against dirt, moisture and scratches making them a great choice for such rooms as kitchen, laundry rooms and bathrooms.