Make Their Mean Insults Backfire With Our 25 Good Comebacks

Everybody enjoys a good joke now and then, except if the source of the joke is them. Being the reason for everyone’s laughter in the room is a really bad experience and we’ve all been there. There are people who are constantly coming up with mean insults, regardless of whether on your personality, your hobbies or your past experiences. There’s nothing you can do to escape from that, but there is a whole lot of good comebacks with which you can get back at them.

You cannot change the way other people behave, but you can definitely change the way you react on their poor and mean insults. Knowing some great and equally mean comebacks as their insults is the best asset you can have under your belt for cases like this. Your brain may be well-trained to defend your personality when somebody is offending you, but the process of finding good comebacks for shut up can take too long, except if your brain has already read the best comebacks at this page. So, what are you waiting for? Learn our mean, efficient and funny comebacks and next time you’re doing business with a wannabe-Joker, make their good insults backfire.

Good Comebacks

  • If I wanted to talk to an asshole, I’d probably fart and have a good chat.
  • I know I’m talking like an idiot, but isn’t that the only way you could understand me what I’m saying?
  • Hold your breath, you’ll need it to blow up your date.
  • Excuse me, I must interrupt your for a second to tell you that I’m very busy right now. Can I pretend that I’m listening to you some other day, please?
  • Don’t mind me yawning. I always yawn when I’m enjoying a conversation.
  • I hardly forget a face, but for your face, I’ll make an extra effort.
  • Have you checked if your nose is still on your face? Because a dozen of people today complained about finding a nose in their business.
  • If laughter is really the best medicine, your face is a true blessing to the world that can cure all diseases.
  • Were your born on a highway? Because you look like an accident and that’s where most accidents happen.
  • Learn from your dad’s mistake: Use condoms.
  • Oh, you’re leaving so soon? I was about to make you a poison-tea.
  • Hurry up, hide somewhere. The garbage collectors are coming to pick up the trash.
  • I couldn’t be more jealous of the people who have never met you.
  • I’d slap you right now, but I rather prefer my hands garbage-free.
  • If you have a problem with me, write it on a piece of paper and swallow it.
  • I was about to ask you how old are you, but then I remembered that you can’t count higher than 10.
  • You can make everyone happy… by leaving the room.
  • Your clothes look great. Where did you got them, at a toilet shop?
  • I’d punch you, but I really don’t want to make little girls cry.
  • And I thought animals don’t talk.
  • My only advise for you is to type “buy life” on Google and find an unused one, cheaply.
  • You and Monday are very similar – nobody likes you.
  • Oh, I just remembered why are you so familiar to me. You are the garbage that I forgot to “throw out”.
  • Ordinary people live, learn and enjoy. You are barely living.
  • Hey, dude. The 1970s called and they want their haircut back.