Thing You Ought to Know Before Buying a Mic Cable

A lot of people think that mic cables are not so important as mics, studio monitors or the mixte. Without a doubt without quality mic cables, you would not get the quality sound to create better songs. When people say that cable is cable, they are really off target and they really don’t understand the importance of the sound equipment. Whether you are a beginner or advance you will need to have the knowledge of finding the best mic cables. In this article, we will go through the basics – how mic cables are made, which price is right and what to avoid while buying one from the dozens of retailers in Australia.

On the market, there are dozens of microphone cables making you even more confused when you buy one. However, to avoid this situation you will need to:

  • Avoid those who have a very cheap price which usually comes from Chinese retailers. Because of their low quality, they will break in just a couple of weeks, and some of them even won’t work from the very start. This is very annoying because returning them is really a great botter.
  • If you have a huge budget to spend, don’t make a hasty decision and buy the most expensive one. They are great, yet they possess the same quality as other and can have an even lower quality you are just paying for the name. Take your time, do a little bit of research on what are the best microphone cables and see all of your options.

A lot of people buy cables that are between $35 and $50. The reason why is simple, even if you have heard this many times, it is because at that price you will get excellent quality sound and price reliability. However, you ask yourself why some cables are better than others and how those factors create the retail price. The answer comes in the anatomy of the microphone cable.

One known fact is that all cables have their own unique design. Nevertheless, the standard designs are made from 5 main components: two conductors, insulation, filters, shielding and another jacket. They are connected with each other and help you produce the sound. To explain it better we will go the step at a time. Firstly at the core of the cable, the 2 copper wire conductor is wrapped with their own insulation. They are twisted together and covered with additional filler to smooth the wrapping and protect the roundness of the cable. After that, it comes to the shielding that is usually made from copper that protects the conductors from a wide range of interferences. And in the end, the cable is covered with a rubber outer jacket to protect it from damage.

In conclusion, whether you need it as a part of your DJ gear, a quality cable is made with good materials, not so expensive price, and from a reliable brand that will offer you high-quality sound, so you can have your music gigs in the best conditions possible.