Australian toy industry has been facing a lot of challenges over the recent years, especially the new companies that are trying to enter the toy industry. Over the last five years, the Australian toy and game retailers have been dealing with endured difficult trading conditions, while there is a high demand for electronic and interactive toys like never before. This has made the competition more intense and also increased the revenue opportunities for business owners.

The introduction of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2013 has significantly contributed to the toy industry in Australia. Licensing has also been the key for the sales growth of the traditional toys and games in Australia. Lego Toys and Disney’s Frozen are among the most popular licenses and they sparked an enormous demand in several categories, such as dolls, dressing up toys, role play sets and various accessories. Frozen’s popularity is responsible for Barbie’s decline, which was the leading brand for dolls and accessories.

Besides Frozen’s success, Lego toys have also generated a big part of the complete revenue of $850 million. The demand for Lego toys in Australia is on a record-level, increasing the interest for developing and building skills at early ages. The truth is, you cannot compare Lego with other companies as Lego toys and other games are adored by people of all ages.


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