New VS Used Camping Trailers – Which Do You Need?

New or used camping trailers, what to choose? This is common doubt among the campers. Truth be told, unless you are spending most of your weekends and free time on camping, buying a new camping trailer can be an expensive investment. In fact, why splash out thousands of dollars on camping trailer if you will be using it only two or maximum three weeks out of the year? Check the used camping trailers offer instead.

There are many factors that you need to consider before you buy a used camping trailer. Here are the things to which you should focus most of your attention.

Warranty – One of the most important things to consider when selecting among more used camping trailers is the warranty. Little are the chances to find a used camping trailer if you buy from a private owner. But there are still possibilities to find a trailer that hasn’t been used for a long time and is still covered with warranty. If you are lucky enough to find such camping trailer, don’t hesitate too much whether to buy it or not.

Condition – Ensuring that the trailer is in good condition is vital for the used camping trailers. To do this, you must be equipped with the right knowledge about what parts to inspect and what types of issues to look for. You should also be prepared to crawl under the trailer too.

Used camping trailer’s most important parts to inspect:

  • Frame – Inspect the frame and check for cracks, impact damage, and broken welds. This type of issues is the best indicators of badly rusted frame that is a reason to move on and look for another trailer.
  • Tires – Unless there are obvious signs indicating that the tires have been hardly used, or if the owner proves you that the tires are not older than five years, consider replacement of these parts.
  • Wheels – Another important segment that determines whether the used camping trailers are safe to travel the road, are the sound wheels. Watch out for wheel bearings to make sure that the trailer you are about to buy is in condition to be used immediately.
  • Electric Brake System – Make sure that your potential new motorhome comes with completely safe and sound electric brake system.

Structural issues to look for:

  • Leak stains on the ceiling;
  • Signs of peeling on the walls;
  • Damages on the windows;
  • Soft spots in the floor;
  • Loose panels;