Features that Make Oak Floors Ideal for Any Home Setting

A stylish interior design reflects elegance, comfort and function, all while making the entire house look and feel homier and inviting. Every piece of the design puzzle should serve both a practical and decorative purpose, whether be that furnishings, flooring or window treatments. The flooring, in particular, can instantly transform the look of any room and create a great foundation for introducing stylish pieces into your design scheme, when chosen right that is.

Finding the ideal flooring for the home can be a bit confusing since there is a vast selection of flooring options that differ in both quality and design. Some floors are designed to enhance the aesthetic value of the home, while others deliver efficiency and durability. However, there is one type that can provide all these and a lot more. Let me introduce you to the utterly gorgeous and practical oak hardwood flooring.

Oak Floors Improve With Age!

Oak Floors

Unlike other types of flooring that tend to lose their shine and durability over time, oak floors actually improve with age. The fact that the colour and grain of old reclaimed oak is often richer than its newer counterparts it’s enough proof that this flooring will get even more beautiful as time goes by. So, by choosing oak you get a flooring with a timeless elegance that will beautify your home for years to come. The main thing that makes oak floors ideal for any home setting is their ease of maintenance. A regular wipe with a dust mop is all you have to do to keep your flooring clean. To avoid scratching your new floors, consider placing furniture pads on all furniture pieces that are in direct contact with the flooring.

Oak flooring is available in a range of wonderful shades and patterns, so you can surely find the one that best suits the style of your home. The most popular shades are white and red oak, both of which are highly resistant to wear. Therefore, they can be installed in high traffic areas in the house such as the kitchen, living room and hallway. White oak goes well with any colour scheme and can brighten up the space. Red oak, on the other hand, has a more dramatic effect and can instantly make your floors an unique and prominent feature of your interior design. In addition to its large variety of shades apatternsers, oak flooring is also well known for its sturdy construction which unlike other floors is not susceptible to splitting and breaking. What’s more, white oak is naturally hygienic and can withstand fungus and insect attacks and is highly resistant to moisture damage.