Parents’ Top 10 LEGO Birthday Gifts For 14 Year Old Boys

LEGO is the world’s most successful manufacturer of building blocks and other tools. We have all, at some stage of our childhood, tried to build a gigantic building from the ground using nothing but building blocks. Since LEGO takes the largest market share of building blocks, the chances that you have used LEGO building blocks are big. If you are a parent who wants to surprise his/her 14 year old boy, buy your child a LEGO set and allow him/her to have all the fun in the world.

Here Are The 10 Best LEGO Gifts for 14 Year Old Boys:

Important: Just make sure your child has blown out the candles before opening your present, because, with these amazing sets, he will forget everything around him.

The Batmobile


Allow your child to experience how it feels like to be the Batman with the super-cool and armoured vehicle – The Batmobile. The “Tumbler” is the coolest of all gifts for 14 year old boys because there is no boy in the world who doesn’t admire Batman and his work. Make your child the hero of Gotham and save the city from the mad Joker.

The Millennium Falcon


LEGO and Star Wars have both became popular all around the world. When LEGO decided to merge forces with the popular franchise Star Wars the result was an incredible range of LEGO Star Wars series. The Millennium Falcon is the most popular set and is the definition for a perfect present for a 14-year-old boy. There is probably no child of that age who can refuse to build up the coolest spaceship in the history of science fiction.

The Police Headquarters


Whether your child likes the police or not, buy him the Police Headquarters. Your child can either be a policeman and take away the bad guys or be the bad guys who are bringing down the police station. The set comes with a lot of mini figures and accessories, such as a police station with several offices, two vehicles, a motorbike, a helicopter, control tower and more.

The Avengers Tower


Superheroes are the real thing. Do you believe your child has the will and strength to protect the Avengers Tower from the Ultron attack? No doubts, since your kid will be playing with Marvel’s strongest superheroes: Iron Man and Thor. Retrieve the Scepter and defeat Ultron, once and for all. If he needs any help, get him all the mini figures-superheroes of the Avengers team: Nick Fury, Hulk, Captain America, Hawkeye and Black Widow.

The White House


The White House is among the world’s most recognizable buildings and LEGO has made sure it is available in its extensive range of building block sets. If your boy loves building, don’t let him build just any building, but the White House, one of the coolest buildings on Earth. Make your child the president of the Unites States and ask for an increase of the minimum wage.

The Forest Police


This LEGO set is one of the most popular gifts for 14-year-old boys, so you can be sure your boy will love it. Whether he is going to protect the forest from robbers at the Forest Police Station or perform the perfect robbery by taking out every single police officer. This set can provide your boy with hours of fun, but only if he has a rich imagination.

The Private Jet

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Going out on a dream vacation at only 14? Sounds perfect. Buy your boy a Private Jet and let him experience luxury at an early age. Regardless of its girly style, this set can be a surprisingly fun gifts for teenage boys. Send your child’s imagination to a deserved holiday without grumpy service, loud noises and too much of a baggage.

The Gatehouse Raid


Yet another challenge for you boy: Is he able to fend off the Dragon forces and protect your castle by all means? As one of the coolest birthday gifts for 14 year old boys, it comes with a catapult, an armoured horse, 2 King’s knights and a Dragon soldier and knight, all sorts of weaponry and a tower with a gate.

The Farm


Instead of spending time on the computer playing a social kind of farming game, buy your boy LEGO The Farm. Bored of the city life already? See how it feels like to live in a small farm and have all those exhausting duties. Milking cows, planting trees, harvesting and using heavy machinery, this set provides a lot of fun.

The Shop


No matter how old your boy is, being an owner of a shop in the New York City is always fun. Playing with LEGO The Shop can wake up even the child in us, the parents. This realistic set is very fun to build and with all the minifigures that come along with the set, exploring the shop will be a whole new kind of excitement for you boy.