How To Pick The Right Boxing Gloves

Boxing is one of the world’s most popular sports and holds a large tradition and history. Boxing was first invented by the Greeks and dates back to the 17th century BCE. There are various legends about the origins of boxing which was practiced in various Greek cities. According to one legend, the the national hero of Athens, Theseus invented a form of boxing in which two participants sat face to face and hit each other with their fists until one of them was eventually dead. Later, the competitors began to fight while standing and wearing gloves with spikes and wraps on their arms below the elbows.

The Greeks later introduced boxing to the Olympic Games where fighters wore leather straps over their hands, wrists and breasts to protect themselves from pain and injury. This is in contrast to modern boxing, which utilizes thick, padded gloves to avoid injuries and to ensure great performance.

Boxing gloves are an essential piece of fighting equipment and using the right gloves is vital to fighter’s success. Whether you’re a beginner or an amateur you will need to choose the best boxing gloves for any type of boxing training or fitness. Continue reading to find out which are the best boxing gloves for you.

Choosing the right size

If you’re just staring out as a boxer or you’re boxing for fitness, the bag mitts are the ideal gloves to get started with. They are cheaper than the other types of gloves, so you won’t need a big budget. When you first start training it’s good to start on a punching bag, and the bag mitts provide great protection for hitting a punching bag. When you’re buying a bag mitt, always choose the one that comes with a full wrap wrist for extra support on the wrist to avoid injury from extensive use.

Your training gloves will need to be capable of use during sparring, punching bag training and pad work. For training, the 16oz glove is ideal for men, while the 12oz is recommended for women.

For sparring, your boxing gloves should offer good protection in defense and provide even weight throughout the glove.

When it comes to punching heavy bags, you need to use bag gloves. They look like boxing gloves and the only difference is in their size and weight. They are smaller and lighter than the regular boxing gloves, so you can train for a longer time.

Glove size is measured as ounce or oz and corresponds with the weight of the gloves. Choosing the right weight depends on the type of sport you’re aiming to use it for.

Here are the most common sizes for gloves:

  • 8oz and 10oz – for competitive (professional) boxers
  • 12oz – for women and people with small hands for training
  • 14oz – for average size people for training
  • 16oz – for people of all sizes for training
  • 18oz and 20oz – for larger weight classes for training

When you’re choosing your gloves, you want the gloves to have a snug fit because if there’s too much room inside for your hands to move around, there’s potential for injury. Do not buy gloves without wrapping your hands and trying them on. Always wear hand wraps when you’re buying gloves, because you do not want to get your new gloves and realize that they won’t fit while you’re wearing hand wraps. They should be comfortable to wear even with your hand wraps on and your fingertips should reach the tips of the glove.

Choosing the right boxing gloves is one of the most important choices you’ll make, especially if you’re serious about boxing. There are many different types of gloves on the market and they all have slight variations in their design and features. Choose a pair of gloves not because of the brand or popularity, but because it suits your boxing style and your hands perfectly. Your hands will influence how you will train or compete, which is why it’s very important and more practical to buy a high-quality pair of gloves.