Pokemon GO: 10 Tips, Tricks & Cheats You Need To Know

If you started playing Pokemon GO there are a lot of things that still aren’t clear to you. The game is fun, but it doesn’t offer a great explanation on how it works. Have no fear, because we’re here to help you out with some pokemon go tips, tricks and cheats 🙂

Here are 10 tips, tricks, and cheats for Pokemon GO:

1. GPS Spoofing

You can play the game without walking, however, a GPS Spoofer needs to be downloaded. To download such an app your device needs to be jailbroken if you’re using an iOS software or rooted if you’re on Android. However, use this at your own risk, Niantic has already banned a few players because of this method.

2. Starter Pokemon

When logging in the game for the first time, you have an option of picking your starter. However, sometimes instead of three, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle, only one will spawn. If you keep walking all three will spawn, and if you force them to spawn four times, eventually Pikachu will appear as an option.

3. You get coins by controlling gyms

When you get to level 5 you get to choose a team for which you will battle. You can battle rivaling teams for the control of gyms. If a gym is controlled by your team be sure to place one of your Pokemon there, just make sure it isn’t your best one. You get 10 coins per gym and you can have a maximum of 10 gyms, which equals 100 coins every 21 hours.

4. Throwing Pokeballs

You know that circle that keeps shrinking around the wild Pokemon when you touch the Pokeball? Well, that circle can give you an advantage when it comes to catching the cute little creatures. To get the highest likelihood of a successful catch you need to hit the shrinking circle when it’s at its smallest. Throwing curveballs will grant you more XP.

5. Catch ’em all

Don’t just pass up any chance of catching, even if you have a duplicate. The more duplicates you have the better. See which of the duplicate Pokemon has the highest CP, and then transfer all of the others to the Professor, who will give you candy which you use to evolve. For more, check Yes-and-no’s before you catch ’em all.

6. Using Incense

If you are stuck somewhere that you can’t walk around, but you so desperately want to play the game, you can use Incense. Incense will make Pokemon spawn around you and it lasts 30 minutes, which results in about five to six catches.

7. What do the paw prints mean?

The prints bellow the silhouettes represent the distance between you and that silhouette. One means it’s in your general area and it will spawn pretty soon, two mean it requires a bit of a walk and three paw prints mean you’re up for quite a walk.

8. Reviving

If your Pokemon faints or it’s at low health you’ll need to use a revive item or a potion. However, if you were planning on evolving a certain monster and it has fainted, don’t waste anything on it, instead, evolve it. By evolving you bring it back to its full health.

9. Saving Power

Press on the Pokeball on the bottom center of your screen and from there go to settings and select “battery saver mode.” While this is active, having your phone upside-down won’t waste any power, but you’ll still be notified about things that pop up nearby.

10. Lucky Eggs

You should really use Lucky Eggs in combination with other things to get the maximum XP out of it. By using eggs which grant XP, incense or lures to attract Pokemon, and being nearby to a few Pokestops, you’ll get a lot of XP and level up in quick succession.

Anyways, there are some rumors about Pokemon GO working on a deal with McDonalds. How do you feel about that?