Pokemon GO Yes-and-No’s Before You Catch ‘Em All

Pokemon has always been popular, but this time, the game is a lot different. This time, it uses augmented reality on your smartphone. This means that it uses your GPS and you have to go out and walk around in order to catch ’em all. Pokemon was really popular in the 1990s on the Nintendo Game Boy, then there were trading cards and it’s been out on the DS. The cartoon was a huge success among the 90s kids. The franchise somewhat faded out as the kids grew up and newer games and cartoons started coming out. However with the 2016 Pokemon Go game, the franchise had a jumpstart and success skyrocketed. In the game you have to walk around and catch the cute little creatures, then you can power them up and evolve them. You can walk around to hatch Pokemon eggs and get rare creatures.

Here are a few terms that the game uses and you’ll need to know them:

  • Pokemons are the little creatures that you catch.
  • Pokestops are places that you can go to and get supplies, like Pokeballs and eggs to hatch, these places are usually landmarks.
  • Pokeballs are the supplies that you use to catch the creatures.
  • Pokegyms are places where you can battle Pokemon.

The game is available and free to play on Android and iPhone, however, if you’re looking for an advantage you buy things in the game with real money. For now, the game is available only in a few countries, the US and the UK, Australia, Japan and most of Europe. The reason that it hasn’t been released worldwide is because of its popularity. If you’re asking yourself how is that possible? The reason is overflooded servers. The servers sometimes crash because too many people play the game, however, the developers are working on fixing these issues and realizing the game for all the fans, wherever they may live.

There are many Pokemon Go tricks that you can use to level up faster. On the flipside, there are a few risks when playing the game and you need to be careful. People have been hit by cars. Some people have found dead bodies. There was even a group of people that used Pokemon to lure people at night in remote places and rob them at gunpoint. Even the games loading screen says “Remember to be alert at all times. Stay aware of your surroundings.” Don’t keep your head glued to your phone when playing and crossing a street, and when going to unfamiliar places to look for Pokemon go with a group of friends.