Popular Male Pattern Balding Cures

Androgenic Alopecia seems to be a very common problem among the male population. A large percent of men experience hair loss, which causes them to go through some emotionally hard times ( and how wouldn’t they, it’s their hair!). Since this condition is a result of disordered male hormones called androgens, there isn’t really much that men can do to actually and fully stop the loss of their hair. But, what they can do is slow the process and avoid losing too much hair. Here are some simple male pattern balding cure options that all of you that experience androgenic alopecia can try:

1. Natural remedies.

Alternative medicine has always offered a natural solution to any type of disease. Especially y when it comes to treating hair and choosing a male pattern balding cure, natural remedies may actually deliver some results. You can try massaging your scalp with coconut oil, which is known to stimulate the scalp and help hair grow. If you want, you can also make a mixture of one egg and coconut oil. The egg is filled with proteins and it should strengthen the hair, while coconut oil moisturizes it.

2. Medical procedures.

There is a number of medical procedures you can try, like lowering the level of free testosterone in your body, hair transplantation or scalp micropigmentation. Scalp micropigmentation is not exactly a medical procedure, but a cosmetic one. It is considered as a male pattern balding cure because after the procedure you look like you have actual hair on your head. It comes down to scalp tattooing, after what you have a sort of short “buzz-cut” hair style. If nothing else works, this is a procedure worth considering, since it’s a complete success; you won’t be bald anymore, and you won’t need to wait months and even years to succeed in it.

3. Improve your overall health.

Improving your overall health can have a very big influence on the way your hair grows. Maybe you’re not taking enough vitamins and minerals? Eat more vegetables and fruits; they’re full of it. Also, try to drink more water. Most of what hair consists of is water, so it’s only natural to have to consume more of it. And finally, exercise. You won’t get any of the benefits all your food and supplements carry if you don’t move a little. Exercising makes your blood circulate more, so all nutrients are able to reach your hair more quickly and effectively.

Of course there are multiple other options you can try, but it all comes down to these three main steps. You should also devote yourself to treating your hair regularly with scalp massages, and ask a hair specialist to recommend you mild hair care products.