Portable Power Banks for Mobile – What is the best Power Bank?

Portable power banks have seen a rise in today’s modern society, especially mobile power banks aimed towards smartphones. With phones getting better and better, and the space and capacity of the battery decreasing, the power bank for mobile phones was deemed the most effective solution. They are small, compact, and are always there to help you when you need that extra juice to finish up a message, conversation or create that perfect tweet.

So, what are they? As the name implies, portable power banks are basically a big battery you can carry around with a USB charger attached to it. They have a certain capacity and diminishment over time, so they themselves need to be recharged, but the average charge you gain from a full mobile power bank is two full charges of your phone. Some energy is always lost due to time, heat and resistance caused by transfer, so the actual power conversion is around 70 to 90%, which still makes the power bank for mobile a safe and efficient purchase for those of us who are phone bound most of the time.

When buying a portable power bank, we need to look at some important factors, which is the standard conversion rate, size and portability, and capacity, which is measured in milliamps or mAh.

5 best portable power banks you can get in today’s market:

No.5 – iHarbort Power Bank MS024 – 10 $ USD

Taking our number 5 spot, we have this highly stylish, compact and cost efficient power bank.

With the capacity of 5000 mAh and support for automatic on/off charging, this power bank can provide you with a decent charge, yet prevent you from feeling like you are lugging around a chunk of tech you don’t need, and of course, standing at a mere 10 $ USD, this highly stylish bank comes with an equally stylish price fit for everyone.

No.4 – Maximas XTRON – 99$ USD

Unlike our previous candidate, this power bank is more on the costly side, but has the feature of standard USB and USB – C compatible ports, allowing you to use it on Apple products as well.

Coming in at 99 $ USD, this power bank is not in everyone’s price range, but it comes with the guarantee of long and secure usage for a prolonged period of time, making it a sound investment regardless of your phone choice or tendency to switch.

No.3 – Anker PowerCore+ 20100 USB – C – 45 $ USD

A power bank designed with the intention of practicality over looks, this heavier model still retains an elegant and sleek design, while boosting performance to the maximum. Supporting USB – C charging, it’s aimed more towards newer phones, but we all know that upgrading your phone is an often enough process to consider this marvelous product.

No.2 – Xiaomi 10,000mAh Power Bank – 17 $ USD

Featuring a capacity of 10.000 mAh, this power bank is for those of us who really need and crave that power for our phones, and yet this power bank retains a sophisticated design and a really appealing price tag.

No.1 – Zendure A2 – 35 $ USD

Taking the number one spot, the Zendure A2 is the perfect mix and balance between capacity, portability, price and design, making it our number one pick, yet still cutting it close with the Xiaomi power bank.

So, if you are in the market to buy a portable power bank, be sure to do some research to decide which one will be the best power bank for you and will suit your personal needs, which can range from a slick and beautiful design to a monster capacity to get the job done right.