Possible Causes of a Toothache – It’s Time To Visit Your Dentist!

Waking up in the middle of the night, with a toothache is possibly the biggest nightmare that can happen to you. Whether it is a matter of a sharp or dull pain, a toothache can really disturb not only your sleep, but your whole day as well.

The first thing that most of us would do is taking an analgesic. Such pill can help you relieve the pain, but the pain is very likely to return in a matter of hour or two. Honestly, dentist visit is what we all dread. The sound of that buzzing machine (whatever its name was) is more than freaking, but not as painful as a sharp pain in or around a tooth, in the middle of a night or a meeting. So, you have no other choice rather than to “sacrifice” yourself in favour of your painless teeth.

Back to the topic, it is not treating the symptoms that matters the most, the key to healing a toothache is treating the cause. Are you wondering what might have caused your toothache? Here are some of the possible causes of a toothache that signal that it is time to visit your dentist.

A Cracked Or Broken Tooth

You probably know that you have a damaged tooth in your mouth, but you delay your visit to the dentist as long as you can. This is not something you should afford, because a broken or cracked tooth is like a “time bomb” in your mouth, which can cause a strong toothache in the moment you least expect. Thence, find an affordable dental care before you have to face a serious erosion of your tooth, which in the worst case can cause a tooth loss.

An Infection

Even if you brush your teeth three times a day, it is a matter of minutes when the bacteria will harbor your mouth again. It is the presence of bacteria, the potential cause of infection at some spot of your gums. The first sign that can indicate that you have an infection, is bleeding from gums when brushing your teeth. If you ignore this problem it is very probable that the infection will develop and cause serious pain and discomfort. At the time when such pain occurs, you can help yourself by taking some antibiotics, but only until you find an affordable dental care.

An Abscess

This is a serious infection that usually happens in or near the root canal of a tooth. You should treat this issue as soon as possible, otherwise you’ll have to face strong teeth pain and uncomfortable dentist procedures. The main cause of an abscess is untreated tooth decay. To prevent this unpleasant issue from happening, you should perform regular dentist checkups, to make sure that there are no signs of root canal infections. It is not difficult to find an affordable dental care that includes such type of services.


Even when it seems like your teeth are “under control”, you are still likely to feel a toothache. A cavities is a common dental issue, that can be accumulating for longer period, while you are not able to detect it. However, if left untreated, this issue can be a cause of serious damages on your teeth, including breaking and falling out.


Defined as “involuntary or habitual grinding of the teeth, typically during sleep”, Bruxism is more than a problematic dental issue. Although you may not be aware, there are chances that you are grinding, gnashing or clenching your teeth during sleep. You can spot this issue by waking up with pain in your jaws. In conclusion, Bruxism is one of the possible causes of toothache for which you might not be aware. There are more solutions for this problem. Of course, to find the most suitable solution for you, find an affordable dental care.