Pots And Planters Buying Guide

A patio certainly looks better with an assemblage of plants dressing up a corner. A raised-bed-corner dressed up with a large pot or planter is certainly more appealing to the eye. Simply said, pots and planters are essential elements for virtually every type of landscape.

Whether you have experience in growing plants or are a newbie looking to learn something, all you need to create a perfect garden is a right spot for a pot and planter of some sort. Don’t worry, using pots and planters are pretty easy and don’t require any gardening experience.


Here is a pots and planters buying guide that will help you choose the best pot or planter for your space.

Types of Pots and Planters

  • Living Wall – The newest trend in the market, living wall planters attach to a vertical space and allow the grow of medium foliage, flowers and vegetables. They are perfect for space-challenged homes and to be a focal point in a room.
  • Window Box/Deck Rail – These pots and planters can be suspended either from the sides of deck rails or under windows. There are ideal for adding climbing flowering and texture to these significant spots on a home.
  • Hanging – Hanging pots and planters are suspended from overhead and often hook to a single point on an overhead beam of a deck or on the ceiling of a patio.
  • Freestanding – These pots and planters traditionally have a base to lift up plants. Available in different heights, they are great to accent corners in outdoor spaces.
  • Patio – Patio white planter pots are the most popular containers for outdoor flowers, plants and vegetables. Aside of white planter pots, patio pots are also available in other colours and in a variety of sizes and materials as well.

pots and planters

Pots and Planters Features

All pots and planters are designed with the same function – grow flowers, plants, vegetables, herbs, etc. However, different features may make one model more appealing for you than others. For example, different materials have advantages and disadvantages related to how well plants can grow and how much the pot or planter increase the look of your outdoor space.

Other good features to consider before purchasing a pot and planter are trays, liners and self-watering pots or planters. If you are a person who is constantly traveling or are too busy to keep up with your plants watering needs, self watering pots and planters are a great solution for you since they provide the right amount of water essential for your plants to thrive for up to a week.