The Power of TV Fishing Shows: From Couch Potato to Skilled Fisherman

The stressful style of life we live today leaves us to find a relaxing activity during the weekend so we can recharge our batteries. Personally, I have come to the age, that finding a relaxing activity will suit me a lot because working with computers is so much stressful which makes me avoid indoor activities. And I am SO BORED with do-at-home activities (such as playing the PS4, board games and more) which turned me into a couch potato (I hate myself for that). Recently, one even changed me, when my friends invited me to go fishing – something that I was not so much interested in. However, it can be said it was a love at first sight. Yet, as with everything, my personality dictates to always be prepared and save myself from embracement (when I fish). For that reason, I found a couple of TV fishing shows that gave me the basics on how to fish. Bellow, I will go through the things that TV fishing shows helped me prepare for my second fishing trip!

So to start fishing, I needed to find the right equipment. One thing that I learned from the TV fishing shows was to find a way to organise myself. I found a rigged box with small compartments inside. That way I have a place to store stuff and have accessibility and can easily find the appropriate hook at any given situation.

One crucial thing that I learned is to be a good angler a good rod will help you become a better angler and a poor rod will hurt your fishing.A good rod will give you the ability to place your lure anywhere you want it, and a having a good rod will make that happen more often, with increasing the casting ability. So if I want to better my technique I need a specific rod(which I think it will come at a later date than now).river fishing

For my second (upcoming) fishing trip, I plan to use a small hook, because it allows the live-bait presentation to look as natural as possible. Smaller hooks give better penetration faster than bigger hooks when the fish bites the hook. One important thing, that I will do before I start fishing is to test the hook. As I learned from watching the TV shows, it is pretty important that the hooks need to be very sharp. The easiest test to do that is to scratch it across your fingernail and if it leaves a mark then it sharp enough.

The final thing that gained knowledge is which bait to use for specific fish. It will ensure you that you have everything you need to catch the fish you desire. There are dozens of types of bait that can be used, and they vary in colour, shape, size and texture. Firstly, you will need to research the lake you are fishing from, then which fish populate it and decide on which bait you should go with.

Even if it was only once, I learned that there is nothing more calming than fishing. The soft breeze going through my face, the tranquillity I experienced. Having a joke or two with my friends, and then calming down while we wait to catch the fish. Afterwards, we cook the fish and make a campfire, having a couple of beers and some lols with bros. I have invested so much in fishing because I think I have found the perfect way to relax, and with everything I said before, I strongly recommend it for you!