The Proper Way to Store DJ Gear

Summer is finally here, the beach party season is in full swing and this is one of the busiest periods for any DJ. From private parties to venues if you’re a DJ then going to multiple gigs in one day really becomes some sort of a routine during summer. Not to mention the night pool parties which are organized throughout the whole season. It is the time for sharing your music, having fun, enjoying delicious cocktails and getting paid while doing it. Being a DJ has to be one of the most enjoyable and fun professions. But, there are also some not so enjoyable aspects and the least fun part of being a DJ would definitely have to be carrying all your gear from one gig to another. Keeping in mind that most electronic gear is sensitive transporting it safely can be a real struggle.

If you’re looking for some great methods to protect your laptop, controller and speakers both during transport and at the gigs then keep on reading because in this article we will talk about everything you should know about proper storage and transport of DJ gear. To ensure your sound equipment stays in great condition during transport you need to keep it in a safe space where it won’t be exposed to direct sunlight and water and it won’t come into contact with other heavy or sharp items that could damage it. For optimum protection it’s best to store DJ gear in cases that are specifically designed for transporting this kind of delicate devices.

DJ Controller Cases


Storing your DJ controller is all about safety and presentation. You would want something that would keep this expensive piece of equipment well protected, but would also give a professional look to the way your display your DJ gear on the booth. In this case it’s best to get a sturdy case with heavy duty hardware and interior padding. Also, make sure your case comes with adjustable foam pads so you can customize it to perfectly fit the size of your controller. Same type of case can be used for studio microphone, too.

Laptop Cases


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There are two types of cases that you can use to store you laptop: a soft case and a heavy duty case. The soft case has a simple design with zippers, handles and a shoulder strap. It usually provides enough room just for your laptop and it doesn’t offer a lot of protection. The heavy duty case, on the other hand, has a sturdy design and is often made from aluminum which is a highly resistant material. It features durable sprung handles along with pad-lockable latches for enhanced protection during transport.

Rack-Mounts for Speakers and Accessories

Rack-mounts for speakers and accessories

Rack-mounts are the best way to store you speakers and organize your smaller accessories like speaker cables, instrument cables and connectors. These are made up of various individual cases that are designed to keep your devices properly stacked on top of each other during transport.