Pros And Cons Of Loose Lay Vinyl Flooring

If you are on the market for vinyl flooring, then you’ve probably seen that there are many manufactures offering an entirely different kind of vinyl tile: one that is so easy and simple to install that it’s hard to believe it’s true – loose lay vinyl plank flooring.

What is loose lay vinyl plank flooring?

Simple said, loose lay vinyl plank flooring are tiles that do not require any type of glue or other system to be installed. Instead, these tiles are made with a type of material that use friction to effectively grip the sub-floor beneath. In addition, loose lay vinyl plank flooring are totally dimensionally stable. That means that they will not expand or shrink depending on the weather condition. So when you install that type of flooring you can be confident that there will be no expansion gap between the tiles and the wall. And finally, this type of floor is also very heavy and thick, which increase it’s ability to stay fit.

But as with all types of flooring, there are certain concerns when it comes to installing these flooring. You will have to follow the recommendations from the manufacture about correctly sub-floor-preparation so that it’s level and provide the right kind of friction as well as simple installation.

Pros of loose lay plank flooring

The major advantage of this type of flooring is that it is as easy to be moved away as it is to be installed. That means if you are moving to another home and would rather like to take your floor with you, you actually can.

This advantage of removability is also very useful in commercial environments where there are power sockets embedded into the sub-floor that don’t necessarily need to be visible. Installing these tiles means that you can easy remove then when you need access to the power sockets.

Another advantage of loose lay plank flooring include the fact that its modern technology makes this flooring to be very durable and manufactures tend to offer guarantees of up to 15 years. Not to mention that they are extremely low maintenance.

As you may know, vinyl floors are more waterproof and tends to be sound absorbing also, which make them a great option for pretty much any room in your home. When compared to other types of flooring, loose lay plank flooring is also pretty affordable. And taking into consideration that you can actually DIY install it and the low maintenance costs, that means that you can save a lot choosing this flooring.

Cons of loose lay plank flooring

The biggest advantage of this flooring is that not all vinyl tile manufactures produce them yet. That means that ranges available are still quite limited.

Popular options include wood and stone looks. There are some brands that also offer abstract, textile, color block look tiles.