Reasons Why You Should Choose Fuso Mitsubishi Trucks

Mitsubishi Fuso is probably not a name that you see very often on TV commercials, but the truck manufacturer is a well-known name for those who are in the trucking business. Since 1960s, the Japanese-based Mitsubishi has been designing and manufacturing some really quality and dependable light and medium duty trucks. Since 2005, the company is owned by the German company Daimler AG and it has found itself among the world’s largest truck manufacturers.

The German-owned and Japanese-based company has provided a lot of models of Mitsubishi trucks in Australia, which has given a significant boost to the Mitsubishi’s popularity. Soon afterward, Mitsubishi has started to become a known name all around the world. Mitsubishi trucks Australia retailers offerings can be easily recognized by the Canter badge in the front or back. But what are the reasons to choose a Mitsubishi medium duty commercial truck for whatever your job is?

There are many reasons why Mitsubishi trucks are the right vehicles for any job. First, Mitsubishi trucks are dependable, as they have built reputation on reliability when used in the most demanding applications, such as beverage delivery, long hauling, refrigerated transport, etc.

Another reason to choose a Mitsubishi Fuso truck over all other offerings is versatility. Mitsubishi Fuso trucks offer an incredible versatility, as they come with a variety of unique body styles, including enclosed and customized bodies for plumbers, electricians, contractors, etc. They use dependable diesel engines and transmission systems that can ensure millions of trouble-free kilometers, with a great daily fuel economy. This makes the Mitsubishi trucks suitable for any job.

Mitsubishi trucks Australia owners claim that their trucks are very easy to drive. Whether it’s on an off-road or an on-road, the 4-wheel drive of Mitsubishi trucks is able to provide a smooth, comfortable and safe drive. Each Mitsubishi truck model features a comfortable and spacious cab, well-arranged controls and gauges, telescoping/tilt steering wheels and responsive handling that provide an excellent maneuverability in narrow roads. Additionally, they come with a plenty of efficient features that help in keeping the truck drivers safer, more productive and more alert.

If you need one more reason, the safety and durability of Mitsubishi trucks have always been the brand’s hallmarks. They use rugged ladder-style steel frames, greatly improved to provide a faster body installation. Also, Mitsubishi Fuso trucks come with new suspension systems that promise even more kilometers of reliability, comfort and increased payload capacity. In terms of safety, Mitsubishi trucks Australia owners praise the improved visibility, the collapsible steering columns and side door crush bars.