Red Italian Wine – The Secret Way Italians Stay Healthy

If you ever visited Italy, first you were probably fascinated by the way Italians look: men are relatively short (you’ll rarely see a very tall basketball player look-alike man ), women are tall ( just look at Bianca Balti or Monica Belluci), they all have heavenly gorgeous tan, and are generally with dark-coloured hair and brown eyes. Of course, there are some stunning blondes and bright-eyed beauties as well, which you can mainly encounter in the northern parts of Italy. The second thing you spot are Italian elders; they are the living example of what we call elegant aging: well-dressed people, with great hair, tanned and most importantly: happy, smiling and in surprisingly great shape. So, it makes you wonder: what do these people do different than the rest of the world that makes them age so gracefully?

First of all, statistics show that Italians generally live longer than any other nation in Europe: more than Germans, more than French and definitely more than British: about 10 years more than British men and about 14 years more to spot the first signs of aging than British women. So, it’s only natural to assume that it has to do something with their lifestyle.


When Italians speak, it’s like listening to someone singing; they speak very loudly, and use a lot of hands. The language itself is very musical and pleasant to listen. And when you sit on an Italian table to eat, there is pasta, pasta and pasta! And of course, there is that one thing a dish can’t go without, the red Italian wine. A fair warning if you ever get the chance to eat with Italians: you never, ever rush them! They will have their pasta and their salad and their inevitable glass of red Italian wine slowly and will enjoy in it even if you so desire to get up and hit the streets. And don’t ever get into a discussion on Italian food: for every Italian, their mamma’s food is the best thing in the world and there is no compromising about it. Besides fashion, food is the other sacred thing in Italy.

And what about wine? It’s part of every meal and drunk by all; young and old, men and women. Is it the wine that makes them so cheerful , happy and in great shape?

In one interview, an older women of 68 years old, explained exactly what wine means for Italians.

Red Italian wine is the secret of life!

According to a woman whose son owns a vineyard in Chianti, Tuscany, Italians drink a lot of any red Italian wine, and they start consuming it very young. She explains how her mother used to wake her up at 5 am in the morning and give her bread with red Italian wine and sugar on it, and then go back to sleep. Pretty cool for a wake-up routine a?

Italians drink their wine in moderation. For them, the philosophy of drinking wine is: if you have to drink something, why not drink wine? They don’t binge drink, but rather consume a glass or two, every day. That way, the alcohol cleans the body from toxins, rather than poisoning it. Moreover, they understand and have really accepted the way wine is supposed to be drunk; with food and food only! You will never see an Italian drinking wine on its own. There is always food to accompany it. And the other way around too: no Italian eats beefsteak or prosciutto without a glass of red Italian wine.

What about resveratrol? According to this Italian lady, resveratrol is an American idea, and the average Italian has no idea what that is. So, the theory that wine is drunk because of the resveratrol doesn’t really hold. What does hold is Italian drinking strategy: you drink wine because it makes you happy, strong, good and right. In addition, you relax often, don’t rush anything in life, enjoy a lot of sunshine (yes, sun is not so harmful as many may say), eat a lot of fruit, veggies and pasta and laugh. Laugh a lot!

So next time you desire a glass of wine (not more, remember moderation), make sure you eat something oily or fatty with it, have some great music in the back, laugh, enjoy and .. Saluti!