The Right Potting Mix is a Gardener’s Bliss

A potting mix, also called potting soil, is nothing more than a blend of ingredients used to grow plants. It is what helps a plant to grow healthy roots. Contrary to what many think it is not real soil from the earth. Instead, it’s a combination of peat moss, composted bark, and other ingredients that you cannot find in earthen soil.

When it comes to potted plants, they are usually watered daily, causing the garden soil to become compacted with easily thus inhibiting root growth. Plus, using soil from the ground on your potted plants can lead the introduction of insects and diseases. That is why you should use a premium quality potting mix to fill your containers or raised beds. But how do you choose a great potting mix?

When looking trough stores that sell potting mix Melbourne wide you should look for a mix that is fluffy, keeps moisture and provides plant roots with the ideal balance of nutrition, air, moisture and anchorage. When you select a mix that is too wet or too dense, it may lead your plants to become stunted or even die.

potting mix

According to experts, the potting mix industry grew from the need of professional growers to produce healthy plants in containers to meet the needs of the population. The first mixes for commercial use were created decades ago. Over time, products have improved and available to anyone interested in buying them. Your local pots and planters garden centre probably sells various potting mixes. Remember that there are also potting mix Melbourne retailers that sell their products online, which may be more convenient for you.

How to Choose a High-Quality Potting Mix

  • Read the label of the product carefully and look for quality ingredients such as perlite, aged bark, lime, vermiculite, sphagnum peat moss and a wetting agent. Other ingredients to look for include peat humus, gypsum, and compost. Option ingredients are fertiliser and moisture-holding polymer. You may also find potting mixes containing pesticides – avoid those for herbs and vegetables.
  • To give your plants a charge when they’re starting, you should consider a mix with fertiliser on it. Keep in mind that mixes designed to feed for various months will run out sooner in hot weather and with frequent watering.
  • A great way to test the quality of a mix is to see how it drains. So, place the mix in a pot and water it. The water should start draining out within 5-10 seconds. If the water drips out slowly or the soil becomes soupy, that means you’ve chosen the wrong soil.