Rose Wine Interesting Facts

Rose has an enigmatic and interesting reputation as a “feminine” and fruity summer and simple wine perfect for spring and summertime. Maybe strange, but most Rose wines especially some dry Roses, can be complex just like white or red wines.

The colour of Rose wine is what makes it so appealing , and it is almost impossible to define the exact color of Rose wine. It can range from pale pink to light red. The large selection of colors depends on the richness of the grape, especially from its red pigment found in its skin. Keep reading and learn the most interesting facts about Rose wine.

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Mixing Red and White Wine Is Not How You Make Rose Wine

The Rose wine making procedure is as it follows: red grapes are lightly crushed and left to separate from their skins for a while (around a few hours or a few days), after which the extracted juice is fermented in tanks.

For a Darker Colour, the Grape’s Skins Need to Be Left Sitting in the Wine Longer

Consequently, the wine will gain more tannin characteristics.

Rose Wine Can Be Made Anywhere in the World, from Almost any Grape

There is one thing you should know before you buy Rose wine – it is not made from a specific grape or region. It is simple wine, a genre of wine just like the red and white. The most popular Rose wine producers are France, Spain, Italy and the United States. But do not forget Australia, South America, Germany and so on.

Almost all Rose wines represent a mixture of multiple grapes. Some of the most common and used grape varieties for dry Rose are Grenache, Syrah, Sangiovese, Carignan, Mourvèdre, Pinot Noir and Cinsault.

The Newest Vintage of Rose Wine Equals the Freshest Wine

If you are a fan and decide to buy Rose you should know that it is completely different from white and red wines. Unlike red and white wine, Rose does not improve over the years. So, go ahead and enjoy the newest vintage of Rose wine. What’s interesting is that you won’t find anything old than two or three years back.

When Looking to Buy Rose Wine, Always Look for Dry Rose

Dry doesn’t mean sweet. It means fresh and acidic wine, without extra sugar to cover its flavors and aromas. Since there are so many different kinds of Rose wines, the dry vs. sweet question is much more important than the origin of the wine. Have a look at the a general rules you need to know before you buy Rose wine:

The Old World Rose

Europe is usually more dry, while the new world Rose made everywhere else is less dry.