Rebels on Wheels Must Know – Skateboard Bearings

Skateboarding started back in the 50s when the surfers from California wanted to skate on the road while the ocean was full with flat and boring waves. Since then skating has remained popular activity among teenagers and young adults, and as the years went by more and more folk want to try it. Whether you are a newbie or more experienced one, you should know that each part of the skateboard is crucial, and to do those hard tricks you will need to own the best skateboard wheels, the best skateboard trucks and the best skateboard bearings. Even though the skateboard design seems pretty simple, these little and inconspicuous accessories provide functionality, safety and fun.


The origin of the skate bearings interestingly come back from the 70s, which is for those in their 20s is not too long ago. Nevertheless, today skateboarding retailers offer different types and brands to choose from. Actually, bearings are a small tool that makes your board wheels to spin correctly. They are the crucial skateboarding accessory that will protect the wheel from metal grinding. So if you were uncertain whether they are important necessity or not, now you know that they can enhance the whole skating experience!

Generally the best skate bearings are circular and their shape can come with flat sides. The metal bearings are equipped with 7 or 8 lubricated balls, however, if it is made from ceramic then it can go up until 9. Their purpose is to scatter the weight of the user and lower the tension between the wheels. Normally, those made of steel are less expensive, however they are durable and long lasting. On the other hand, for those hard core skaters who want even more durability, skateboarding companies created ceramic bearings. They are made from a mix compound of silicon nitride which makes them harder and smoother than the steel bearings. With this type of bearings you are getting better performance, but you will pay more. For a lot of skaters the ceramic ones are regarded as the best skateboard bearings.

Skate board bearings are rated on a formal scale the Annular Bearing Engineering Committee scale or AEBC for short. Nearly all skaters want to own bearings that have a score from 3 to 5 because these bearings are smoother and durable. Skateboard bearings allow better movement between two or more moving parts on the skateboard and are really crucial to have a good feel while skating. Having the best skateboard bearings will provide you a better, safer and smoother ride and in the end you will be fully satisfied in your investment.