The Nitty Gritty of Skateboard Parts

Skateboarding is a fairly popular sport in Australia, with skaters riding in every skate park and normal park they can find, but do they know how their boards are made and why all of their components work so well. No, I’m not planning on boring you to death by explaining how the board’s wood or metal is shaped, but I will explain what all the components do and how susceptible they are to breaking.

Skateboard Decks


The deck, the one part that connects all others and is the most vital part of any skateboard. It can be made of maple bamboo or plastic, the shape, size and material will depend on what type of skating you do. If you want to do tricks you’ll need the stronger material based boards which would be maple and in some custom boards you can even use fiberglass or other artificial materials which can add to its durability. The deck is the most common part you will break and the only way to avoid breaking it is to become better at the tricks you do meaning you’ll have to practice which puts the deck at risk of being broken making this cycle a long lasting one. You could add risers to your skateboard for added shock absorption.

Skateboard Trucks


Then comes the truck, they’re the metal part that connects the board and the wheels. You can tighten and loosen them to adjust your board’s feel. And most models give the board’s steering a different feel, you can always find different high-quality skateboard trucks for sale online since every skater has his own preference. And while they can’t break as often as the deck trucks are still susceptible to damage from hard use, they can break fast if you don’t take care of your board while riding and doing difficult tricks.

Skateboard Wheels


Skateboarding wheels come in a lot of varieties, they can be hard, soft, small, square and more. Like decks, their shape makes a difference in how the board feels. And inside the wheels are the bearings which have the vital role of making the wheels roll, they take the brunt of the force from every impact since everything is based on how well they can roll. Your bearings should be the most well-maintained part of your board dirt, hard riding and hard drops can ruin them very quickly. Furthermore, get skateboard bearings that have some kind of protective cover to stop any dirt or grime from getting into the balls.

If you do break any of the parts mentioned, you can find decks, wheels or skate trucks for sale online or in any skateboard brick and mortar shops. Installing them yourself can be very simple if you have all of the basic tools that are required for disassembly of the board.