Feel the Unique Adrenaline Rush of Skiing: Ski Gloves or Mittens Can Make of Break Your Experience

What could compare to having fun in the snow in winter? You might not exactly be a fan of the cold, and the thought of spending time in snow sends shivers down your spine immediately, but you still can’t deny having the chance to ski from time to time is ideal to give you a little change from your routine, get you outside and have some child-like joy.

Besides, you can always count on ski equipment to help you out with the cold. Since fingers are among the first body parts to get cold easily, ski gloves and mittens are the essentials. Let’s face it, freezing hands can be real party breakers!

Since you’d see all the options available in stores, you might get confused on the purchase, so here are some aspects to help you out. Deciding on one of the two, gloves and mittens, first consider which of the two you prefer.

While usually gloves are known for their dexterity and mittens for the warmth, it’s not as simple of a distinction as there’s a fine line between the two nowadays because there are warm gloves and mittens offering dexterity. If you can’t decide, you could get the best of both worlds opting for a hybrid like the mitt designed with independent index finger – sounds great, right?

Also in terms of preference, when choosing from the variety of ski gloves and mittens, you’d get to choose from two types of cuff length, one that’s shorter, allowing for more mobility, and one that’s longer, goes beyond the wrist and offers more protection.

When it comes to the fit, you can’t allow to have gloves, mittens or mitts that are too tight or too loose because they’re both uncomfortable. The perfect fit is one that provides enough coverage and comfort fitting snugly without feeling tight or making your fingers feel stiff even when you make a fist.

Giving the materials and insulation a thought, you can decide by opting for more warmth from synthetics (e.g. polyester) and liner gloves or properties such as waterproof, windproof and breathability that features like the Gore-Tex membrane provides and abrasion-resistance of Gnar Guard genuine leather.

What would also help you narrow down the choices are extra features that you find handy. Some of these are zip pockets, wrist guards, wrist loop, grips, nose wipe and squeegee that’s useful for wiping goggles when skiing.

It might sound like a lot to pay attention to but you can’t be too careful when picking; after all, it’s protection from the cold we’re talking about and the wrong choice can ruin your experience!