Ski Wear Essentials: A Guide for the First-Timer Skier

Going skiing for the first time ever is undoubtedly exciting. Whether you are going to enjoy the beautiful Australian snow hills in the Bush or you are going overseas to feel the magic of the European ski ranges, one thing is certain – it takes a lot of preparation and collecting things well before you embark on the trip. Being a first timer is even more complex as you need to pay attention to every small thing you are going to need. To help you with your preparation, take a look at our list of ski wear essentials you can’t go skiing without. 

Ski Jacket

The most fundamental ski wear piece is probably the ski jacket. It keeps the body warm and snug in the cold air, sleet, wind, rain or snow. When buying this piece of clothing you should look for the best features there are. First of all, you need to know there are different types: shells, insulated jackets, technical shells, softshells and 3 -in-1 jackets. Among the important features, the ski jacket should have are venting properties, especially around the underarm area or around the chest in order to cool off without the need to unzip the front of the jacket. In addition, it should be waterproof as well. When you are searching for the perfect ski wear online, always search for the RECCO unit. A quality ski jacket will have a small RECCO unit sewn into the design which sends off signals to a RECCO transponder that is placed on many resorts or rescue operation in case of being trapped in an avalanche.

Ski Pants/Trousers

Along with the ski jacket, the ski pants are of huge importance as well. In terms of protection and comfort, they need to maintain your core body’s warmth in the icy air and at the same time to look cool and stylish. They also fall into categories, insulated ski pants and softshell ski pants based on the material they are made of. Waterproof is a vital feature because as a first-time skier you are bound to fall a lot of the time so keeping you warm, dry and cosy is all it matters. The highest rated ski pants which offer the highest level of waterproofing that you can find is 10.000 mm.

Base/Mid Layers

The base layers refer to the undergarments you wear under the jacket and pants. They keep you warm, especially in colder climates. You can buy this type of ski wear online but you should avoid cotton products because they aren’t waterproof nor breathable. It is recommended to go for wool or synthetic material. The mid layer, on the other hand, refers to a piece of clothing worn over the base such as a fleece or a sweater.

Ski Boots

When you walk, take a hike and move around in the snow you will need a quality pair of ski boots. You should forget the regular footwear in the first place as you need a specially designed pair of shoes that will withstand the cold, wet consistency of snow while keeping your feet warm and dry.

Ski Gloves, Socks and Scarves

Last but not least, all three items are very important for protection against the cold. Your hands and neck are exposed to the snow and the cold can really numb and harm them. Also along with the hands, keeping your feet dry is key in order to enjoy the day. Socks should also be made of wool or other synthetic material to keep the dryness. The ski scarf keeps the cold at bay thus letting you roll down the slopes hassle-free.