The Different Types of Snowboard Bindings Explained

Snowboarding is a dangerous sport for both beginners and professionals, but the adrenaline rush you get from sliding down the hill requires you to pack equipment other than the board. Snowboard bindings are the type of equipment that gets overlooked, but it is an important part that connects your boots and board together safely. There aren’t many types of snowboard bindings out there but it’s good to get to know each one of them, so you know which ones to go for the next time you go snowboarding. Okay, let’s explore them together, shall we?



Being very easy to adjust and easy to get out of them, makes these bindings the most common choice for every snowboard fanatic. The straps on the ankle and toe, allow you to make a full lean forward with ease and you can easily strap them even when you are sitting. They are the most customizable snowboard boot bindings on the market as the two straps work on their own, meaning that you can adjust each one to your liking. It will take you a considerate amount of time to get in them, but they offer more versatility as some people like them to feel tight and some like a little room to move their toes.

Backdoor/ Flow

Although not as popular as the Strap-in bindings, the Backdoor bindings have a really nice feature to them that applies less pressure to your foot. This is because unlike the Strap-in bindings they have one big strap that goes around the boot, which helps to spread out the pressure evenly. This is perfect for those of you who have sensitive feet. They are the opposite version of Strap-in bindings as it is very easy to get into them, but harder to get out because of the highback, which needs to be brought all the way down in order for you to do so.

Speed Entry

The speed entry bindings are a mix of the two previous ones when it comes to the strap type, but they offer something that both the strap-in and the backdoor bindings do not. The strap with these snowboard boot bindings goes over the ankle and toes and you are able to adjust the pressure individually except that the change of pressure in one will affect the other. Getting both in and out of these bindings is very easy as you only need to adjust the strap once. It is hard to strap them while you are sitting and it takes more time when you are setting them up for the very first time.

Hard Boot Bindings

These are very rare type of bindings as they are only used on alpine race boards which require you to have more control over them. The hard boot bindings offer more control as they will allow you to maneuver the board more easily simply because they are very responsive. Unfortunately, as the years went by they became even rarer and now they are nearly extinct.