SP Tools Vs Repco: Which Brand Can Tool Up Your Inventory?

Most companies that make automotive tools have the necessary logistics set at a very high level, which oftentimes they’ll use as a cover for their low-quality products, which are usually displayed online. Most of these companies are new in the game, hence the poor quality of their goods. There are two options you can go with if you really want to get high quality, cost-effective products and we are going to explore them today.

SP Tools

sp tools
This is a brand that started to bring value to its customers starting from 1973 when the automotive industry was already booming with new designs and automotive parts. In the last 40 or so years, SP tools have been amongst the leading brands in design and manufacturing professional sets of hand tools not only in Australia but worldwide too. Today it is a reputable and proudly Australian owned company being represented by 40 international agents in 30 different countries around the world, together with other company-owned and operated offices.
In recent years SP tools became the fastest growing tool company in the world. All these things are due to the company’s well recognisable set of tools which are unique thanks to their convenient warranty types. The first and most popular set is their hand tools, which are sold with a lifetime warranty, then there’s their regular toolbox which has a 12-month warranty together with their automotive specialty and compressor tools all covered with a 12-month warranty. As of lately, they’ve also incorporated a set of garage and air tools. They’ve also made their website as the only way to shop online without being present on other shopping sites like Amazon or eBay.


Repco’s heritage goes back to the early 20s, which makes it one of the oldest manufacturing companies in Australia and also known for helping Sir Jack Brabham win both the world constructor and driver titles in the 60s. Repco has been making replacement automotive parts for nearly a century now, and this is due to the fact that they’ve always been the industry leaders for up and coming technologies. In the 80s they used to be known for their unique dual-format Trade/ Retail stores.
Today Repco boasts a wide store footprint thanks to their unique distribution system which ensures customers get the right parts at the right time. They’ve also made their own regional network of stores and services that has put them ahead of the competition. Repco has partnered with GPC, which is a leader in world-class logistics systems and it has increased Repcos growth speed in the Australian and Asian market as well. All these things make Repco the most iconic Australian owned brand with pristine quality of services and goods.