Different Types Of Golf Carts

When I hear golf, I instantly think of Tiger Woods and a very, very ‘fat’ bank account. Golf has always been considered the richest sport ever, but according to Forbes, it recently came down to number 4, right behind Formula1 and soccer tournaments. Golf is a rather interesting sport, with all the different golf clubs and those cute looking golf carts that follow the players around the course. Those golf carts (small open cars with mainly two seats and a carriage behind for the golf equipment) are multi-purposed and aren’t used just for the golf course. So, if you…

Top 3 GPS Running Watches

Regardless of whether you are running occasionally or your daily runs involve +20 kilometers, a GPS running watch can help you to boost your performance. The GPS running watch is a device that tracks your pace, monitors your heart rate, measures burned calories, distance and foot strike, while the newer models are able to analyze even more details of your run.