Steps to Follow When You Plan to Buy Second Hand Trucks

If you are expanding your fleet of trucks, you must plan your shopping process wisely. The best way to expand your business is to consider buying second hand trucks, which are widely available. Truck drivers and their trucks have a strong relationship, so having the right truck matters. To make the best deal on a used truck possible, bring a mechanic with you and start choosing your new truck/s. There are many benefits of buying second hand trucks, such as lower depreciation rate, lower purchase price, wider selection and great reliability. Here are the steps you need to follow in order to make a good purchase on second hand trucks.

Set A Budget

First, set a budget to guide you through the shopping process. By setting up a budget for a used truck, you will not only narrow down your options, but you will make your shopping quicker and easier. If you are buying a truck for personal use, follow the popular 20% rule: the truck should not be more than 20% of your total home payment. If it’s for your business, talk with the company’s advisor and together set up a budget.

Choose From Light-, Medium- Or Heavy-Duty Trucks

Since you probably know what you will be towing or carrying, it will be much easier to choose from light, medium and heavy-duty class of trucks. The trucks are divided to these three classes and are identified by numbers (payload capacity in tonnes), such as 1000, 2000 and 3000. Light-duty trucks are favourite in Australia, as they offer an incredible versatility and great hauling and towing capacity. Properly sizing the truck is an important step.

Start Your Research

The best way to make a great deal is to look for reputable online sellers and find the one that provides a wide selection of used truck with fair prices. To make your research successful, you must determine buying preferences and find a model that meets them all or most of them at least. If you take a mechanic with you, he/she will be in charge of inspecting if the truck is bad or good.

Inspect The Truck

Once you have found a truck that seems perfect for you, it is the right time to have that truck inspected. Let the mechanic do his/her job, who will start by inspecting the truck’s exterior to see if there are missing or damaged parts. Then, the mechanic will open the hood and look for any issue there, such as damage, oil leak or repair that has been made. Next, he/she will check the braking system, the steering component and the drive shaft to ensure the truck is in top condition. Lastly, the mechanic will look underneath the truck to check for structural or surface corrosion or rust.

Seal The Deal

The last step involves pricing, checking fees and signing paperwork. In addition to the purchase cost, there are pay sales tax and registry fees you need to take care of and you must review them before signing the contract. One advantage when buying a used truck is that you can negotiate the price with the seller. Review the contract very carefully and make sure there are no additional charges or fees. The important thing is not to rush to sign the truck and start driving it. The truck is yours the moment you sign the contract.