TG Comics – Top 3 Transgender Comic Book Characters

When it comes to TG comics and transgender comic book characters, the mainstream has been quite open lately. Even the world’s biggest comic book publishers Marvel and DC have their own characters representing the LGBT community. It’s pretty clear that this culture needs as many people as it can get, no matter the race, nor the gender. However, the more transgender comic book characters there are, the more TG comics will be available to the LGBT community because they can relate. So, without further ado, let’s kick it off.

Top 3 TG Comics & Transgender Comic Book Characters

Sera (Angela: Asgard’s Assassin)

Sera TG Comcs

Of course, we need to start with Sera, the latest and probably the biggest trans character in the Marvel Universe, written by Marguerite Bennett and Stephanie Hans. Sera is actually a part of probably two of my most favorite comic books ever, Angela: Asgard’s Assassin and Angela: Queen Of Hel. In both of these stories, the main character is Angela, Thor’s and Loki’s sister. Sera is Angela’s partner, a great magician and former monk and most of all, a well-written character. It turns out, Sera was male at birth. Kieron Gillen, the co-writer of this story approved this information.

Chalice (Alters)

Chalice - TG Comics

AfterShock Comics wants to change the world for the better with Chalice, the main character of their series “Alters”, written by Paul Jenkins. Chalice is making a transformation from male to female and is a master-gravity manipulator, leading a double-double life where she has not shown her superpowers, nor her gender-change. “Alters” is just a beautiful TG comic story with even better character.

Alysia Yeoh (Batgirl)

Alysia Yeoh - TG Comics

Finally, a TG comic book character from DC comics, written by Gail Simone! She is considered as the first major transgender comic book character in the mainstream world. Alysia Yeoh is Barbara Gordon’s best friend and roommate. She revealed about her gender-change in the Batgirl (Vol. 4) #1. DC’s fans accepted and loved Alysia’s character