The 10 Most Iconic Hans Wegner Furniture Items

For those of you who are wondering Hans Wegner is a world famous Danish furniture designer, who made mid-century Danish design popular. Over the course of his life, he has designed over 500 different chairs with the main aspect of his design focusing on functionality. He started as an apprentice cabinet maker before going on to study at what is now known as The Danish Design School. After a few years of working for Arne Jacobsen, Hans Wegner started his own company designing furniture for a chain of grocery stores. He went on to design with PP Mobler where he designed several chairs. He received many awards and honors in his lifetime including the Lunning prize, the Grand Prix of the Milan Triennale, the Prince Eugen medal, and the Eckersberg medal. Hans Wegner’s design seems to resonate with many designers today and you can see his clear influence in other designers works. Hans Wegner furniture for sale is available in many stores and online, with a large variety of Hans Wegner dining chairs, sofa chairs, tables and more. Although there are a lot of pieces to talk about we’ve narrowed down a

The most popular Hans Wegner furniture is his chairs:

The Round Chair

The round chair created in 1949 is definitely one of Wegner’s most iconic pieces. This chair is one of the most famous pieces of Danish furniture, and it embraces the essence of danish design. This Hans Wegner design was made to reduce a chair to it’s bare, simple essentials. The amount of crafting that goes into smoothing the wood into curves is quite amazing. In 1960 when John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon went on a televised debate, they sat in this iconic chair. They shipped this chair in specifically all the way from Denmark to be a part of this iconic event.

The Lounge Chair

This chair was one of Wegner’s first designs for Carl Hansen and Son in 1949 and has remained a popular choice until this day, and has remained in production. The frame is made of oak and the design itself is bold. The choice to use woven cord had not been done before in this style and it would take 10 hours to hand weave 400 meters of cord onto the back and seat of this elegant chair.

The Wishbone Chair

This chair also designed in 1949 was inspired by and based around antique Chinese armchairs. This chair is for sure a modern day icon in the furniture designing world. The “Y” shape backbone of this chair gives it it’s nickname “The Wishbone Chair” or sometimes referred to as “The Y Chair”. This chair gives you stability and comfort.

The Swivel Chair

After Dr. Eigill Snorrason criticized the furniture industry for not taking ergonomics into account, Wegner designed the swivel chair which made a mark in history in Danish design. The wood has been picked from trees which must be at least 150 years old, it is then left to dry for 2 years in a controlled environment.

The Flag Halyard Chair

The inspiration for this chair came while Wegner was at the beach one day trying to get comfortable while sitting in the sand. It is quite a surprising design to see from Wegner as his obvious preference is wood but proves he can design metal with the same elegance with this chair. You can choose to reserve your own sheepskin if you order this chair.

The Ox Chair

The Ox chair designed in 1960 was inspired by surrealism style art, mainly taking from Picasso. The designer himself has said to have called this chair iconic even if it stopped production just 2 years later, in 1989 production started again and it seems the world was ready to embrace this artistic chair.

The Valet Chair

This Hans Wegner furniture was created in 1953 after a conversation between a professor of architecture Steen Eiler Rasmussen and designer Bo Bejesen, the conversation was about how inconvenient folding clothes is before getting into bed. The 3 legged chair has a coat hanger shaped back and the seat fold forwards to hold pants.

The Shell Chair

This chair was created in 1963 and was not well received by the public at first, sometimes referred to as “the smiling chair” this chair is unbelievably stable despite it’s 3 legs, something which only Wegner could do. Although he preferred to work with solid wood Wegner sometimes liked to experiment with plywood, creating this chair.

The Elbow Chair

Although Wegner designed this chair in 1956 the chair wasn’t introduced until 2005. Meant for use as a desk chair, this chair was designed while Wegner was experimenting with molded veneer. The end result is a chair made of 11 different layers of materials creating something truly special.

The Oculus Chair

Oculus is Latin for eye and is referring to the shape of this sought-after armchair. This Hans Wegner furniture was designed in 1960 but once again not released until much later in 2010. You have the option to have this chair upholstered in either leather or fabric and it is sure to be the main focus of any living room.