The Most Insane but True Facts about Semi Trailer Trucks

You’ve probably come across to a semi trailer on the road, since they are everywhere, literally in all parts of Australia. Today, a semi-trailer truck is one of the most common categories of commercial vehicles, used for transportation purpose on the Australian roads. A semi trailer is used for transporting different kinds of goods, from everyday supplies to vehicles. Its powerful machine makes the semi trailer a transportation vehicle of great importance in the freight industry in Australia. Our aim today is not to speak some basic and boring facts about trucks and the transportation industry in Australia.

Here are the most insane but true facts about semi trailer trucks you probably didn’t know:

  • If you are in some way included in the semi-trailer industry, “thank” Alexander Winton, the Scottish-American designer of automobiles for your job. He is the brave and smart man who invented these trucks in 1898. You may get a bit confused know. How come an automobile designer invent trucks? In truth, he invented the trucks because he needed a strong and powerful vehicle to transport the cars he has been selling.
  • Semi trailers are not a new trend in the trucking industry. The real semi-trailer “boom” happened in late 1920. Yes, no matter how unbelievable it might sound to you, these trucks are used for nearly one century now.
  • You’ve probably seen a car engine. Were you surprised of its size and construction? Now, imagine the same car engine, but now six times larger. This is the actual size of the machine of a semi trailer truck.
  • Have you ever wondered how a semi truck can transport several tons heavy freights and haul them on all kinds of rough terrains? If so, you probably weren’t aware of the actual power of these vehicles. A typical semi trailer truck engine can have up to 600 horsepower! We believe that things are pretty clear now.
  • An average semi trailer truck can spend up to one million kilometers on the road. Can you imagine how much is this. It difficult we know since it is too much. And imagine, you can literally spend that distance with a single semi truck.
  • How much oil do you think the engine of the semi truck can hold. Two, five or maybe ten? Honestly, you would never guess this. The engine of the semi-trailers can hold up to 56 liters of oil. You must admit, this is one of the most insane facts you would guess never!
  • The semi truck engine is unique for many reasons. One of them is the fact that it can have more than twenty gears!
  • To stop a semi trailer, you will need more than 40% more distance than you need to stop your car on the road.
  • U-turns are in most cases a mission impossible for the semi trailers. In some countries, there are strictly marked place only where you can make a u-turn with your semi-trailer truck.