The Most Popular 1000V Insulation Tester Devices

Insulation resistance testing is a measurement method that is used for detecting potential irregularities in the insulation of a given system. This test and measurement procedure is based on the inspection of parameters such as moisture, vapor, heat, cold, oil leak, dirt and so on. Measuring insulation resistance is vital for ensuring smooth flow of the operation of many types of electrical systems. An insulation tester device is what you need to detect potential issues in electrical wires, cables, motors, generators and with that to prevent tools failure and injuries.

There are different types of insulation testers. One of the most commonly used models is the 1000V insulation tester. This type of insulation testers is used for measuring the insulation by applying a voltage in a range of 500V to 1000V. Some of the most popular 1000V models of resistance testers, used in most of the industrial sites in Australia are:

  • AEMC 1026 Digital 1000V Insulation Tester with Analogue Bargraph
    This is a compact device that can beĀ used in more testing procedures. This battery-operated testing device can be used as a continuity tester, AC voltmeter, megohmmeter and ohmmeter. It is lightweight tester that is easy for use in every application.
  • AEMC 1015 Analogue 1000V Insulation Tester
    For applications in harsh condition a tester proven to give best results is the 1015 model. This tester is designed to meet the requirements of almost every domestic and international safety standard. It’s a compact device that gives precise results through continuity measurements performed with 200mA test current. The results are displayed in four easy-to-read scales.
  • AEMC Model 1045 Digital/Analogue 1000V Insulation Tester
    The 1045 is a digital model of insulation resistance tester. With this easy-to-use and battery operated resistance testing device the possibilities for measuring are almost unlimited. Given this, with this compact device you can measure continuity, resistance and voltage. One of the advantages of this tester the timer that enables you to measure resistance hands-free.
  • SEW 2132IN 1000V Analogue Insulation Resistance Tester
    This 1000V insulation tester can be used in wide span of applications. It’s a compact device that gives accurate results in testing different electrical components, electrical installations and motors. This is the best analogue tester that can be used in applications with range of applications taking place in harsh environment.