The Ultimate Guide To Kitchen Appliance Placement

Kitchen is the center place of the entire home where all the cooking action happens. Hence, one of the primary things to consider when creating your kitchen layout is space for operating within the kitchen. For example, you need to make sure that your elbow does not hit the table behind, each time you open the oven to take out the roasted chicken or the Thanksgiving turkey. Same applies for the refrigerator and the freezer as well.


So, no matter if you have small or large kitchen; no matter if your kitchen is L-shaped, U-shaped or galley layout – you need to ensure a proper placement for all your small kitchen appliances. This is very important to make your daily kitchen tasks faster, simpler and easier.

And when it comes to small kitchen appliances, let’s start with the biggest one -the refrigerator. As you know, refrigerators come in different models, shapes and sizes that normally can fit easily in large kitchens. But, what happens if you have a small-sized kitchen? In this case, you need to consider a refrigerator that features only left-hand or right-hand door opening, not both. Another option is to find a refrigerator with a drawer that pulls out, so you can save on available kitchen space.

Second unit to think of is your cooking appliance. Do you consider a traditional oven or you prefer to split the cooking tasks with separate cook-top and wall oven? Think of how cooking is usually done at your home, thus choose the type/model of cooking appliance. For example, if you turn to a stove-top, make sure to NOT place the microwave over it, as you will limit the ventilation in your kitchen. Therefore, it always makes the perfect choice to go for an under-counter microwave, as it is easily accessible and does not burden the use of your cooking appliance.

Last but not least, the kitchen sink. It is commonly said that the kitchen sink is the main workhorse of the kitchen. That is true indeed. Hence, depending on the available kitchen space you have at disposal, you can make your selection between a single sink and a double sink. And will you have a dishwasher too? If so, consider placing the dishwasher right next to the sink. Make sure that you have enough space around the sink area to perform smoothly the basic sink tasks, such as washing dishes, filling pots and rinsing the veggies.