Thermal Imaging Cameras

There are many things that are visible to the human eye, but there are also some that can’t be perceived with a naked eye. While our eyes are able to detect most sources of light, there are some that remain hidden to the human vision. All objects can be defined as emitters of light, but the light produced by a lot of objects is not visible to the naked eye. Let’s begin with a simple example. When one object heats up it does two things: it produces a more intense light with a shorter wavelength. The colour red is know as the longest wavelength within the visible spectrum.

When the object gets colder it emits light with a wavelength which is longer than red and this is know as light infrared and can’t be detected by the human eye. This is where thermal imaging cameras come to the scene. In the most basic terms a thermal imaging camera (IR camera) is designed to detect the light that you can’t see. Add to that its ability to accurately calculate the temperature of the temperature of the object and you’ve got the perfect tool for troubleshooting and maintenance of machines and appliances at any industrial or commercial site.

Thermal imaging cameras show the emitted IR light on a special display by transforming every temperature calculation into a different colour. They include lenses which focus the IR energy produced by the object onto a special infrared sensor array. The sensor converts the IR energy into electrical signals which form a video image. Thermal imaging technology is widely used nowadays due to the wide range of benefits it provides. These advanced cameras are used in the construction industry to efficiently deal with thermal insulation, heating problems and air condition of a building. They can also identify whether there are any energy loses in buildings. A thermal imaging camera is can also be used in the home to detect whether there are any water damage or termite within the walls of the house.

Another great thing about thermal imaging is that it can easily and accurately identify hidden plumbing issues, overloaded electrical circuits, air leaks from windows and door. The thermal imaging camera can provide you with a clear and comprehensive image of the condition of your commercial building or home, thus allowing you to precisely identify what needs to be changed and fixed. With all that being said we can concluded that advanced IR cameras are the best maintenance tools for detecting the temperature of your appliances and ensuring the safety of both your work environment and living space.


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FLIR is an established name in the thermal imaging industry known for its wide range of top quality cameras designed for detecting infrared energy emitted by objects, which is invisible to the human eye. These advanced cameras are called thermal imaging cameras or IR cameras and are used in a number of industries for troubleshooting applications, identifying insulation problems in buildings and keeping all machines in proper working condition. FLIR took the practical features of IR cameras to the next level by introducing the FLIR TG165, which is their first thermal imaging thermometer. It combines the features of a…

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A thermal imagine camera is a device that converts thermal energy into visible light with a purpose to analyze a particular zone or object. The image that is created is also known as thermogram and it is studied through the process of thermography. So if you are looking for a method of improving the visibility of objects in darker environments, they buying a thermal camera is the thing you should. Currently, there are dozens of thermal cameras on the Australian market, however, we will put our focus on one of the best the FLIR E4 thermal camera. The FLIR…