Things We Have Learned From Watching Warner Bros Cartoons

Every day is a gift in which we learn important things about life from various of unexpected places. Over the years, millions of kids have been taught by the best teachers on TV – the cartoon characters. The cartoon creators have been trying to present meaningful stories about people and life in a colorful and likable way for the kids, with hopes for better generations in future and of course, for the present ones. There is no better teacher than Warner Bros cartoons and their shows. Here are some important cartoon lessons that Warner Bros studio has brought on screen:

Bugs Bunny


Bugs Bunny is the perfect example how we should all behave in life. He is fearless, cares about no one’s opinion of him and is always positive regardless of the circumstances. In his cartoon, the cute gray rabbit is always a step ahead of everyone and always finds the right solutions for his problems, enemies and situations. Bugs Bunny is advising all of us to live the life to the fullest, to never be afraid of doing something away from our comfort zone and to never give up on our dreams.



There is nothing wrong with being different, it means that you are unique and you should not be afraid of being yourself, like Tweety was not. The yellow canary has thought us that strength is not as much important as training your brain to think fast, in order to find the ideal solution for a specific situation. During the battles with Sylvester the cat, we often saw Tweety asking for help from Granny and Hector the bulldog. However, even the strongest ones need help sometimes and there is nothing wrong to ask for it.

Pepe le Pew


Self awareness is one of the most important things in life, but not for Pepe le Pew. In his never-ending search for love-romance, Pepe is not aware that he spreads bad odor, which is the main reason why girls do not want a date with him. Relationships are hard and tricky, and no one knows that better than Pepe and Penelopy. They are playing hot and cold on each other all the time. First, Penelopy turns him down just to later come back and make the first move on Pele le Pew. Years ago, people believed that men should make the first moves, but this cartoon featuring these two cute characters thought us that women can do that too. Rejection should never be one of our fears, because the answer might be positive after all.

Popeye the sailor man


Popeye is a man with a golden heart and gentleman manners. Aside from his usual daily job, he is helping people on a daily basis. His partner Bluto is in fact his enemy, who is trying to seize every opportunity to kidnap Popeye’s girlfriend – Olive. Bluto is constantly abducting Olive, but Popeye he hero is always there to save her. The sailor man is a great example for the kids how eating healthy food, like spinach, can give us enough force to do anything you want.