The Secret to a Happy Day – Our Tips for Finding Comfortable Shoes for Men

Having shoes that feel tight on your feet and obstruct your walking, won’t only make things painful but it can be very dangerous for your health. Blisters and foot arching are common problems here, but more serious ones are gait-related issues. With comfortable shoes not only will you be able to walk freely, but you will make sure your stance is levelled correctly. Of course, this is not as easy as it sounds and for some men, it’s very difficult to get the right shoes because of how sensitive their feet are. This is a problem that a lot of men face and today we will explain some basic tips to help you with finding the right shoes.


Firm Sole

Go for shoes that are going to be second to your skin and ones that you won’t have to always pay attention to how they feel on your feet. Don’t go for flexible soles because they are very thin and do not provide you with enough padding on the bottom. That’s why a firm rubber sole with a minimum of 1-2cm thickness will make for a comfortable shoe for men. Because everyone’s feet will adhere to different sole thicknesses you should always be the judge when a pair of shoes feel comfortable or not.

Width & Length

What you will need to pay attention when shopping for new shoes will be both the width and the length. You see if you get bigger shoes that are not going to be wider than the ones you’ve previously tried out, you’ll still be facing the same problem. What you want to do instead is to pay attention if whether or not a comfortable shoe for men is pressing the ball of your foot – if not then it is wide enough and fits your feet right.

Padded Lining

The padded lining is going to be important so you can prevent any rubbing without limiting your movement. You should look for shoes that have padded lining on the sides, around the ankles and on top of the foot, especially if you are getting flat ones. If you want shoes with a slight heel to them then look for ones that will have padding around the heel and toes.

Trust Your Gut

Although you should abide by these tips most of the time, you shouldn’t be a slave to the system and completely ignore how you feel about a certain pair. Your gut feeling is going to tell you more about shoes that you aren’t sure about because not every manufacturer makes their models the same. These tips will serve to guide you to the right type of shoes but in the end, you will still have to go for what feels comfortable on your feet and not what the numbers say.