Tips For Choosing The Perfect Kitchen Floor

I personally spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I am a mother and it’s very important for me my kids to have served fresh and healthy meals. We always try to have lunch or dinner all together as a family, what makes our kitchen a high traffic area with lot of spilled food and chairs pushed across. Because of this, when I needed to change my old kitchen floor with new one, I consider of something what is easy to clean and durable. These are two most important qualities of kitchen floors, because kids and pets will definitely push them to their limits.

The style is also important consideration. You need to make sure your new kitchen floor will fit great with other flooring in your home. I find it a little bit difficult to choose the right one for my kitchen, since there is an endless range of colours, patterns and designs. Since I already got some knowledge about the various kitchen floors and their features, I had created some helpful tips for you yo review.

Consider vinyl tiles for kitchen

If you are spending lot of time standing in your kitchen like me, then vinyl tiles for kitchen is your best bet. I personally choose them for my home and I am more than satisfied. Apart they are easy to clean and durable, they offer amazing cushioning. If you are considering vinyl tiles then buy those with an enhanced urethane finish. These types of vinyl tiles offer the highest protection against stains, scratches and heavy food traffic. Also, they keep their original shine much longer compared to other kinds of coatings. What is maybe the most catchy about vinyl tiles for kitchen is their versatility. You can find them in any colour, pattern and texture. Some of them even mimic more expensive floor surfaces like marble, stone, wood and metals.

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are another great option for kitchen flooring. They are also long lasting and easy to clean and maintain. As same as vinyl tiles for kitchen, these tiles are also available in wide range of colours, shapes and styles, what gives you the ability to create the look you want the most and make your kitchen enjoyable place to stay. Apart all these good features, ceramic tiles can be a little bit uncomfortable if you are spending a lot of time in your kitchen. You may need to consider placing a rug or to add a mat in order to make standing more comfortable and to protect yourself and your family against slips when tiles become wet.

Hardwood floor for kitchen

Traditional hardwood styles such as oak, maple and mahogany are still gaining their popularity among the range of best floors for kitchen. Warm and comfortable and the same time, hardwood floors for kitchen are a sound investment and both easily fitting an overall home design and increasing the value of homes. Although wood floors of previous decades can become victim of everyday wear and tear, the technological improvements have ensured that hardwood floors today will stay newer for a longer period of time.